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12 Jul 2010
The arrival of Stopira is almost completing the composition of Deportivo B ahead of the Segunda B season 2010/11, though Ramallo will test several possible new signings starting on Thursday, the main target is a new central defender.

Tito Ramallo already has twenty-four players ahead of the new season; with the arrival of Stopira the coach has now at least two players per position, though the club is searching for new signings at the centre of the defense. Depor Sport announced that since Thursday several youngsters will arrive to Abegondo in order to be tested.

Diego Rivas and Edu will be the two goalkeepers, this last is one of the seven Juvenil A players that have been promoted. Diego Seoane and Jose Manuel will be the two right-back defenders, though the idea with Seoane is to see him alternating between the first squad and Fabril.

The arrival of Stopira was considered as critical as Raul Garcia was the only left-back defender before his signing; it is expected that both will have the chance to alternate between the first team and Depor B.

A curious case is happening at the centre of the defense, because itís the sector with more alternatives and at the same time the zone that brings more doubts. Ramallo has four players for two positions: Karl, Rochela, Anxo and Vieytes, plus Juvenil A youngsters Uxio and Insua, duo that will start the pre-season training with the B squad. The problem is that Rochela will probably stay at the first team, and the inexperience of Anxo, Uxio and Insua is pushing the coaching staff to search for alternatives in the market. Itís the only sector that still needing signings.

Meanwhile, midfield territory will be for Hector and Dani, duo that can be reinforced with a new signing, tough it isnít a priority. It seems the idea of Ramallo is to play with a 4-3-2-1 scheme, which means to add an additional midfielder playing on the right or the left, function that will be for Luis Angel, the Pichichi on the past season, and Dioni, one of the five signings that will delay his position on the pitch.

The right wing will be for Chirri and Diego Vela, while the left sector will have three alternatives: David AŮon, Juan Castro and Cameroonian Julien Dilal Nddombo, though this last one will alternate between Juvenil A and Deportivo B.

The playmaking function will now have three alternatives: Juan Carlos, Andre Andre and Richi, this last one is a Juvenil A left winger that has been using by Ramallo as a playmaker performing towards the left side of the pitch. Finally, Joshua and Jona are considered as the two alternatives for the striking zone, though Dioni could also be moved to his natural position in order to cover any casualty.



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