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13 Jul 2010
Perhaps Aythami and Iván Pérez are the two players that are assuming the pre-season as a matter of life and death, because both know that they could end loaned out though their intention is to stay at Depor’s squad.

The pre-season stage is not only a training camp used to prepare the liga tournament, it could also be the last opportunity to demonstrate to the coach that a particular player deserves a spot in the final list of twenty-five players; that’s the case of central defender Aythami Artiles and winger/playmaker Iván Pérez.

It seems that Piscu will leave, but Aythami still has to fight for a spot against other four central defenders (Lopo, Colotto, Ze Castro and Rochela), while Iván Pérez has a strong competition against Guardado and Desmarets at the left wing and also against Valerón and Michel for the playmaker’s role.

Therefore both players know that their most probably destination is a loan at other club, but at the same time both men want to fight until the end in order to stay, as Aythami told to Depor Sport, “I am coming in order to stay. Now I must wait and see if my future is resolved.”

“I will talk to the coach, he should know, but I already know that the fact of staying on here is something that depends on the exit of other player and that the club hasn’t sold anybody yet. In any case we will see and for the moment I will stay on here. It’s clear that we have too many central defenders and someone must leave.” The Canarian added.

Meanwhile, Iván Pérez still convinced that he wants to succeed at Deportivo, “Clearly my ambition is to stay on here and achieve all the sporting triumphs at home; I don’t want to go to other place just to see people realizing about the kind of player I am. If I am a player to be on here, then I want to demonstrate it on here.”

”Perhaps I am now more prepared compared to the past year, because last year I started trying to be adapted to the scheme of the coach. Now the fact of having the chance to go out loaned will depend on how many options I will have on here. Clearly I will not go out to another club where I won’t have options to play, though that’s relative as the options to play appear throughout the season.”  He added.



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