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07 Apr 2006
The latest declarations of V?­ctor S??nchez del Amo has increased the uncertainty about his future, the winger said that he sees with strange eyes the fact that the club maintains silence despite of the interest of Caparr??s in his renewal. He also criticised the work done by Deportivo’s medical staff.

One of the complaints made by coach Caparr??s in the past week was the situation of V?­ctor. The Sevillan coach wants him in his next season's squad, but all things are pointing to V?­ctor's exit during the summer. The possible arrival of Pablo Alvarez or the Argentinean Belluschi, and the negotiation with Liverpool in order to exchange the winger for Mark Gonz??lez are signs of this situation.

This week president Lendoiro tried to calm down the polemic with Caparr??s, but he didn't clarify the situation with V?­ctor. "If he (Mark Gonz??lez) would arrive, V?­ctor would no longer be here" was the ambiguous phrase said by Depor's president.

After yesterday's training V?­ctor talked with the media about his situation, he said that the case is strange since he doesn't understand the speech of the club: "Far from generating ambiguity after hearing the president's words, what I want is clarity. In December they talked with me about a possible renovation, but a few days later they told me that the club had an agreement with Liverpool in order to sell me. That is a little contradictory."

The Madrilian winger also said that he's satisfied with the interest of Caparr??s in his continuity in the club: "The coach has asked for my continuity and he's showing his face. He wants to count on me for the future and that is what counts for me. That his opinion is not shared by the club is another thing that I won't touch here. I don't have any offer from Deportivo and that's the reality. It's clear that the coach is already making plans and if later the opposite occurs, it's because something weird is happening here."

The Madrilian winger also had criticism for the club's doctors about the knee injury that affected him at the end of the past year: "I experienced a problem with some particular conditions, a complete case to analyse. I expended four months out when the recuperation should be done in a month and a half. I don't want to turn this thing too much, but it's clear that my injury should be healed before."

The journalists in the press room asked who was guilty about his long-term absence, but V?­ctor preferred to concentrate his criticism on the procedure of the doctors: "I think that it isn't the right thing trying to find who's guilty, it's a matter of knowing the right solutions to the problems. And when you don't apply the right solution..."

Yesterday it was also known that Joaqu?­n Caparr??s had a meeting with Richard Moar (Lendoiro's adviser). Once again the Utrera-born trainer manifested his desire of having V?­ctor in his squad next season. Now two questions appears: Will Lendoiro fulfill Caparr??s' petitions? alternatively, What are the plans of Lendoiro?. Another interesting situation is to know the reaction of Depor's medical staff about the declarations of V?­ctor.

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