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16 Jul 2010
Central defender Albert Lopo spoke to Depor Sport and said that he wants to continue at Depor, but at the same time he assured that the negotiations are stopped; his contract in ending in June of the next year.

Albert Lopo could be living his last year as a Depor’s player, the defender recognized the difficulties to sign a renewal during an interview with Depor Sport, “We need to understand the position of the club, each side is looking for their interests and I do think the club isn’t living the same situation of ten years ago, because they now have more difficulties.”

”We must understand all the parties involved and that´s why we need to sit and talk. I, for one part, hope to have a calm year in that aspect, I don’t want to be asked about the same question all day long, I just want to work in peace. Later whatever has to happen will be welcomed, even the bad things, I just hope we could reach an agreement and solve everything. My idea is to continue, but you never know.” The Catalan added.

And it’s that president Lendoiro already renewed Riki and Aranzubia, other pillars at the team. But it isn’t something worrying Lopo, ”Each player is a world apart; each one has their own issues. Mine is different and that’s it. We must negotiate and let’s see what happens. I always said that I’m happy on here, but we must talk.”

Asked about the current state of his renewal, the 30-year-old player said that, ”It is at the same point than last season. We talked in past months, but the issue hasn’t been discussed again..

In other subjects, Lopo is happy for the way in which Depor has moved during the summer market, “The club has moved fast and the new signings are looking good. Let’s hope that the new players together with the others will compose a solid squad, and that we will repeat the past year, but staying with what we did in the first round..”.

Finally, the ex-Espanyol defender was confessing that he was feeling anxious  to start training again, “When you are on vacations, as any other human being, you are feeling relaxed, disconnected from the outside world and that´s good, but in the other hand you are always wanting to train. You never lose that feeling, not even with the pass of the years.” 



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