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17 Jul 2010
Diego Colotto talked to reporters and said that Deportivo needs to keep facing the season with the goal of the permanence on its mind, later he thinks that the team will have enough time to target higher goals.

Argentine Diego Colotto is ready to begin his third year at Depor’s squad; after the bad experience of the last second round he now hopes the team has learned the lesson, as he said to reporters, ”The big learning on the past season were those couple of months in which we lowered the level and ended out of Europe.  Let’s hope we will now have the same possibility, and with last year’s experience we should try to not have the same downturn.”

However, the e-Atlas defender is convinced that Deportivo must keep the same mentality about been thinking first in the salvation, “The team must go out with the same mentality of the past year, which was to achieve the permanence as sooner as possible and later we could establish another goal. Let’s hope it will be like that. At the beginning we must go for the permanence and then for the second goal.”

Colotto lived a tough first year at Depor as he barely played, but the second was totally different as he was the normal starter alongside Lopo. Now the 28-year-old defender is conscious of the competence on his position, ”Within the last years if there was competence at one position it was at the centre of the defense. The competence is welcomed at the team. The players in the better conditions will be the ones picked by the coach.”

Like other team mates did before, the Argentine is very happy with the signings made by Depor so far, “The team is now more balanced. Last year we had too many injuries and for that reason we had problems in some positions, for this reason it was so hard to balance the squad. Let’s hope that the ones arriving will feel comfortable and then can contribute with things.”

Finally, Colotto was not feeling sorry for not been picked by Maradona to Argentina’s national team as it was rumoured before, "It would have been nice, but Argentina has a team composed by great players and the coach opted for others. It could was my time, but unfortunately it wasn’t, and for me the most important thing is to play for Deportivo, as I did before”



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