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18 Jul 2010
Deportivo ended on Saturday the first week of training; it was a period of seven days with a lot of physical and tactical work, the bad news were the injuries of Aranzubia and Juca, players that will now miss the matches in Switzerland.

Deportivo is on its way ahead of the liga season 2010/11; on Saturday the team completed two new trainings that raised the number to fifteen sessions within the first week. As it was explained by RCDLC.com the coaching staff has modified the training methods, now the players are combining physical sessions to increase their resistance with tactical sessions trying to define the style of play.

However, the shadow of the injuries that wiped out the team during the past season is still striking Deportivo. And itís that Daniel Aranzubia (shoulder) and Juliano Roberto Antonello ĎJucaí (thigh) are the first two victims of the pre-season.

The true is that the case of Aranzubia isnít new, because heís carrying the problem on his left shoulder since the past season. The keeper starting to feel pain during the week of the last game against Athletic Bilbao, he played the game as the therapy eased the pain. But on this week he started to feel the same pain and decided to travel to Vitoria in order to meet doctor Mikel SŠnchez, who determined that the Basque keeper suffers a subacromial injury on his left shoulder; it isnít a serious problem, but itís hard to surpass since it needs to be careful, which is difficult for a goalkeeper.

SŠnchez recommended that the player should not play any game within the next four weeks, which means that Aranzubia could miss almost all the matches of the pre-season. The doctors explained to La Voz de Galicia what he found, "I didnít saw that his shoulder was too bad. When he suffered this last mishap, he had painful symptoms, but now he was better. He feels pain in the supraspinatus tendon and I think that, with a conservative treatment, he can surpass the problem. "

"For now we are not planning any surgery; in addition, a shoulder surgery for a goalkeeper requires a lengthy recovery and we believe he has great potential to do well without going through surgery. The recovery time is variable, because if he doesnít make a certain gesture, then is okay. I recommended him to be out for four weeks, this means without forcing the shoulder, he should be following a physical therapy and at the same time can complete the physical work with the rest of the team, and then he should go slowly trying to see how he feels." He added.

However, the same Aranzubia told to reporters that he expects to be out for only ten days, and even talked to Lotina about the chance of playing the friendly in Germany against Union Berlin. For this reason the Basque keeper was picked for the trip to Switzerland, he will be part of the team and will even train with the rest of the players, but wonít take part of any game. Thatís also the reason why Lotina has picked Manu and Fabrilís Diego Rivas for the Uhrencup, and it seems that the Basque coach will take advantage of the case to see the keepers from the youth teams, as during the week he picked 16-year-old David Gomez from Juvenil B to the training sessions at Abegondo.

Meanwhile, Juca suffered his problem on Saturday, just in the day in which Lotina was about to release the list of players travelling to Switzerland. The Brazilian felt a prick on his right thigh during the first session, the first scans determined that he suffers a grade one muscular injury, which means he could be out for two or three weeks. New scans will be made during next week.




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