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18 Jul 2010
The Juvenil A squad for the season 2010/11 is composed by 23 players, 14 of them are continuing from the past season, 6 were promoted from Juvenil B and 3 are new incorporations. The goal is to repeat the triumphs of last year.

No big novelties in the Juvenil A squad that will dispute the season at Liga Division de Honor (Galician group), and it’s that the team will count with 14 players that already were there during the past season (61% of the total).

The youngsters in this list are: keeper Álvaro, right-back Javi Castro, central defenders Insua, Cardelle and Uxio, left-back Cristian, midfielders Fernando and Adrian Martinez, playmakers Alvaro Quejeiro and Alex Ares; right wingers Iago Beceiro and Pablo Regueiro; left winger Brais, plus striker Alex Perez, this last one was the Pichichi on the past season with fourteen goals scored.

Meanwhile, only six players have been promoted from Juvenil B: keeper Rubén, right-back Tomas, left-back Agustin, midfielder Diego Bardanca, plus strikers Alvaro Lemos and Luis; this last one was the Pichichi at Juvenil B with 26 goals scored. Finally, there are only three new faces: left winger Jorge, who’s returning to Depor after an absence of one year, striker Santi Bouza (signed from Montañeros) and Cameroonian left-back defender Julien Dilal Nddombo, who will be alternating between Depor B and Juvenil A.

And the squad is not closed yet, because some youngsters will be tested in the coming week. But maybe the biggest novelty is that coach Jose Luis Devesa is leaving Juvenil A after five years in order to train Cadete A. Now, the coach will be Secho, who was the trainer of Cadete A within the last years.

About the casualties, seven players from the past season are now part of Fabril: keeper Edu, right-back Jose Manuel, central defender Anxo, right winger Diego Vela, left wingers Diego Castro and Richi, plus playmakers Juan Carlos. The rest of the players were released, maybe the big surprises are central defender Martin (30 games, 2,299 minutes), midfielder Quique (29 games, 1502 minutes) and left winger Carlos Vigo (27 games, 2,030 minutes), three youngsters that had a big participation on the past season.

To mention that the goal is really high for these boys, because the team of the past season was able to end first in the Galician group, this meant to take part of the Champions League and the Copa Del Rey, something that the club only did three times within the last twenty years.



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