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24 Jul 2010
Deportivo ended the Uhrencup 2010 at the fourth place after falling in the penalty shootout against FC Twente; it was a game with a decent pace as Depor’s squad that was trying to move the ball quickly over the pitch.

For the occasion Lotina kept the 4-2-3-1 figure, but this time with nine changes at the starting squad compared to the team that faced Young Boys; only keeper Manu and midfielder Juan Rodriguez kept their spots. The rest were novelties: Laure at the right-back spot, Stopira on the left, Aythami and Colotto at the centre of the defense; Pablo Alvarez on the right wing, Desmarets on the left, Valerón on the playmaking function and Riki at the centre of the attack.

The first half was entertaining, with both teams more interested in playing with a combinative game, which meant short and quick passes and always keeping the ball over the grass. Depor was more dangerous at the beginning, and actually it found the goal after just two minutes. It was after a drilling pass from Valerón  that Riki found at the age of the area, the Madrilenian turned off, eluded two rivals to pass the keeper with a drilling shot to the far post.

Twente reacted with a drilling cross searching for De Jong, but Colotto cleared the danger (4’). After that play Deportivo gained the control over the actions and was close to increase the difference in two opportunities. First, Twente’s defensive line lost the ball, Desmarets found it at the edge of the area and his shot on target was saved by keeper Marsman Nick, later the ball was left dead and it was near to enter as Desmarets attempted to score from close range, but it was cleared to corner-kick (11’).

In the following play Pablo Alvarez was close to score through a mid-distance shot, and his effort was once again saved by the keeper. And Twente scored the equalizer when it seemed that Depor was totally controlling the actions. The goal came after a corner-kick of midfielder Bernard Parker that striker Luuk De Jong headed in when he was alone inside the box, Aythami failed in the mark, also Manu as the ball passed over his head.

After the goal Twente gained the control over the actions and was playing closer to Depor’s area, but without creating more scoring opportunities. Depor improved within the final five minutes and its best approximation was a drilling cross from Pablo Alvarez that was searching for Desmarets and that was cleared by a defender.

For the second part the Dutch side made three modifications since the start, while Lotina ordered the entry of Rochela for Colotto. The start had the same pace of the first half, with Twente having the first opportunity to score during a long play that was saved by Laure (53’). Later Lotina replaced Antonio Tomás with Ze Castro, with the move Rochela moved to midfield and the Portuguese stayed at the centre of the defense. Then Michel replaced Valerón.

These modifications just reduced the pace of Deportivo as the Galicians didn’t create a clear scoring opportunity within the next twenty minutes. Twente was having the ball possession, but neither created a clear chance. For the final twenty minutes Saul entered for Juan Rodriguez, while Lassad entered for Riki; Depor kept the 4-2-3-1 scheme, but with and Rochela at midfield Desmarets on the right wing, Saul on the left, Pablo Alvarez on the playmaking function and Lassad as the lonely attacker.

Ten minutes before the end goalkeeper Diego Rivas from Fabril entered for Manu, and the Galicians finally had chances to score as the game was about to end, first with Lassad heading a corner-kick that was saved over the goal line, then with Saul chipping the ball over the keeper, but a defender saved Twente when he was standing over the line, that later Pablo Alvarez couldn’t capitalize from close-range, the game ended with this last play.

Lotina will obtain his conclusions from the game, but at first sight it can be emphasized the passing style that the Basque coach is trying to impose, also the physical effort of Desmarets and Stopira, the quality of Valerón to make assists and the fact that Riki keeps last season’s smell for the goals (he was rewarded as the best player of the game). The negative aspect was that Depor still having problems to defend the aerial plays, as it was demonstrated in Twente’s goal, also that it will be hard to replace Filipe, because Stopira never joined the attacks and Desmarats focused his game on the centre, reason why the left flank lacked depth, precisely one of the virtues of the team in recent seasons.

In the penalty shootout Depor lost the chance to end third as Saúl missed his shot when the round of penalties was in the sudden death, before Ze Castro, Aythami, Lassad and Michel have scored, while missed his chance. Young keeper Diego Rivas stopped one penalty kick. With the result Deportivo ended the Uhrencup 2010 in the fourth place, now the team is travelling to Germany in order to face FC Union Berlin on Sunday (14h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Manu (Diego Rivas 81') - Laure, Colotto (Rochela 46'), Aythami, Stopira - Juan Rodríguez (Saúl 74'), Antonio Tomás (Zé Castro 63') - Pablo Álvarez, Valerón (Míchel 68'), Desmarets - Riki (Lassad 74').
Twente: (4-4-2) Marsman - Tiendalli (Stockentree 63'), Bengtsson, Wisgerhof (Douglas 46'), Leugers (Carney 46') - Javadov (Tioté 46'), Bannink, Brama, Pennanen (Rendla 63') - De Jong, Parker (Bajrami 81').
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Riki, 1-1: (18’) De Jong
Penalty shootout: 1-0: Zé Castro. 1-1: De Jong, 1-1: Pablo Álvarez missed, 1-1: Javadov missed, 2-1: Aythami, 2-2: Rendla, 3-2: Lassad, 3-3: Bajrami, 4-3: Míchel, 4-4: Carney, 4-4: Saúl missed, 4-5: Tioté.
Referee: Haenni Nikolaj. He showed yellow card to Riki (43’) and Bengtsson (74’).
Venue: Stadium Bruhl (Grenchen) (2,000)



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