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28 Jul 2010
Coach Lotina improvised a press conference at Alvedro’s airport; he gave his opinion on the pre-season of Depor’s first team, and also talked of the possible signings that are waited for the coming days.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina talked to reporters at Alvedro’s airport and analyzed several subjects, starting with his impressions after the first friendly matches on the pre-season, ”We still are missing some depth on the wings, there we have had problems, but in a general sense we were fine: feeling comfortable with the ball, defending well, pressing upfront…”

Later he tried to explain the lack of concentration as Depor allowed the comeback of Union Berlin in Sunday’s 3-3 draw, ”I believe we thought things were done with the 3-0 and we let ourselves go. We went out of the match trying to move the ball over the grass, but without having any depth, and football is a game in which you always need to look for the opposite goal. We gave too many facilities on the second half.”

The Basque manager wasn’t worried for the fact that Depor hasn’t been able yet to win a match on the pre-season, “We are sharpening the ax and there will be time to cut down the tree. If our objective was to win games, then we just have to play against lower level teams or teams that are just starting to train.”

But what’s worrying the coach is the situation of keeper Dani Aranzubia, who hasn’t been able to debut during the pre-season due to a shoulder injury, ”Let’s see how he is. We have doubts with him. New scans will be made, but for the moment the player can’t train, though we still have time until the debut in liga.”

About new arrivals, Lotina was hermetic in the case of Escudero, he just said that’s “one of the alternatives and we are pending to see what happens,  but he was more precise when he was asked about Ruben Perez, “It’s a player that I like. He has a promising future and is good in a tactical sense. I believe he can fit into our team.” Later he also admitted that the player from Atletico is coming in order to replace Sergio, “If the Catalan would have stayed, evidently Rubén wouldn’t have come.” 

Finally, he wanted to clarify the role of Juan Dominguez at the squad, ”Why always you ask me if a new signing is competition for Juan Dominguez? It could also be for Juan Rodríguez, Antonio Tomás, or anyone who plays there. As I said that Juan Dominguez would be important this year, you are as crazy to say: Look what he said and what is now. The two or three players in the best condition will play on those positions, whoever they are.”



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