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29 Jul 2010
Deporís keeper is still battling against his shoulder injury, doctors decided to change the treatment and the player will be out of action for another twenty days, therefore heís fighting against the clock in order to be fit for the liga debut.

The newest scans revealed that the shoulder injury of Daniel Aranzubia  hasnít healed; the ex-Athletic keeper is dragging the problem since the end of last season, more precisely he was feeling pain on his right shoulder and was close to miss the last game of the liga season against his former club. At the beginning doctors decided to follow a conservative treatment, but yesterday they decided to change the strategy.

Now the club has announced that the new treatments consists in an infiltration aiming to accelerate the healing and restoration of the areas affected by the muscle injury, which is often called ďtreatment with platelet-rich plasma factorsĒ. The player will receive the treatment within the next twenty days, which means that he wonít be back until the end of August.

This also means that the Basque keeper will barely have time to be totally recovered for the debut in liga against Real Zaragoza, which is scheduled for the last weekend of August. Whatís clear is that Aranzubia wonít play any game during the pre-season.

However, coach Miguel Angel Lotina was optimistic when he was asked about the state of the player, ďI talked to the doctors and they told me that if everything goes according to schedule and if his shoulder responds well to treatment, then there would be no problem. Keep in mind that although he canít make saves at the goal he hasnít stopped the trainings at any time and continue doing it. So let's wait, but I hope he will be fine for the league debut."

The midfielder is another player dragging a physical problem during the pre-season; he suffered a thigh injury during the first training in Switzerland and new scans revealed that itís an elongation on the adductor of his right thigh. Doctors didnít want to say when he could be back in trainings, but the midfielder told to reporters that he hopes to be fine in one week, whatís clear is that Dominguez
will miss the visit to Cardiff City FC scheduled for this Saturday (16h00 CET).



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