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10 Apr 2006
The media points out that Deportivo made a good game although they weren’t able to achieve the three points. The pressure made in midfield has been established as the main cause why Depor controlled the actions over the pitch. Iago once again received eulogies in the papers while Arizmendi was criticised for his lack of goal.

La Voz de Galicia: The semi-finalist in the Champions League came to this game motivated after eliminating Inter and it seemed like a tough obstacle for an irregular Deportivo. But nothing is what it seems in football. The Blanquiazul team was superior to the yellow submarine during the first half and Depor also hold the rhythm during the second part. The first thing done by Depor was to neutralise the rival, Riquelme didn't have chances until half-time. Caparr??s' team was waiting in midfield, and when the rival tried to go out they obstructed their game. The few counterattacks in which Villarreal enjoyed of some space were also nullified since the defensive line was playing with precision the offside trap. It must be said that the presence of H?ctor has gave balance in this aspect. Iago was once again very smart, the youngster was the master piece that helped to move the ball upfront. With less possession over the ball, he needed to move it with more velocity and precision, that’s why he get tired earlier than in the game against Racing. One more time the negative note was for Arizmendi who continues with his agony and neither Rub?n was fortunate. Xisco should entered before and about Trist??n... it's better not to talk about him. Alfonso Andrade.

AS: Depor was near to convert into reality the game that Caparr??s was dreaming, but an error in a corner-kick blocked their intentions of achieving the three points that they deserved. Villarreal was poor and far to be the team that surprised Europe on the past week. The submarine was tired because Pellegrini didn't use the rotations and the Galicians created more troubles than Inter Milan. Since the beginning it looked that Villarreal wasn't the same squad that played in the Champions, because it was Depor who was taking the ball to their area, blocking Riquelme with Sergio and De Guzm??n breathing in his neck. The Argentinean wasn't in his day and without him the home team doesn't work. Deportivo controlled the game and twenty minutes before the end they scored the goal, the players were enjoying the win and they forgot to take Guille Franco in a corner-kick, the Mexican striker scored an equaliser that his team didn't deserve. M. ?. Vara.  

La Opini??n A Coru?a: The draw at the Madrigal wasn't a bad result if we take in mind the quality of the rival, but it wasn't enough for what Deportivo did against Villarreal. The Galician squad returns with a point in the pocket because they missed some capacity to define the game. They missed a 'killer', one of those players with enough quality to score goals and help his squad to add to the final count ten or fifteen points. The Depor that we saw yesterday  wasn't the shy squad that we saw in other games, it was a team that wanted to play football, and they did it reaching the rival's area with will and ambition. However, they missed some punch to knockdown the game. Xos? Manuel Mallo.

El Per?odico Mediterr??neo (Castell??n): The happiness in the Champions League didn't affect Villarreal. It was the opposite since the yellow squad made one of the most physical games of the present season. A match without owner that the submarine broke in the last fifteen minutes, time in which Deportivo was defending Molina's area and suffering an exhausting pressure. The final draw maintains the UEFA option of Villarreal while they continues to see the Champions League. Depor took the most important treasure over the field: the control of the game and the management of the ball. Caparr??s sequestered the talent of the submarine creating pressure and generating the mistakes of the yellow squad. They locked the game in a dark room and Villarreal get lost there. Jos? Luis Lizarraga.

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