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05 Aug 2010
Only three weeks to start la liga competition and Lotina still has a couple of doubts regardless the composition of Depor’s squad. The main one is related to the left-back position; the Basque is also studying the arrival of a fourth striker.

Despite the results on the pre-season haven’t been so positive (only one win in four matches), coach Miguel Angel Lotina seems content with the performance of his team. Instead of been worried for the lack of aim and goals the Basque manager has preferred to emphasize the quality of the new signings and the will of the players to try to play with a pretty style.

However, in the inside the Meñaka-born trainer is conscious that his team needs a new left-back defender. This since Stopira and Raul Garcia are too young to carry out with the weight of the responsibility. After the Teresa Herrera the coach admitted that a new arrival for this position is needed and since la liga starts in three weeks he knows that the club is now fighting against time.

Another issue related to the composition of the squad is the possible arrival of a fourth striker, after the win over Cardiff City FC, Lotina told to reporters that it is something that shouldn’t be discarded, “We will sign a new striker if we think that it can bring new things and improve what we already have. It´s a door that won’t be closed until the last day.”

Currently Depor has 25 players at its first squad (the maximum allowed by la liga), therefore any new arrival means to discard someone else, or to inscribe Rochela or Juan Dominguez as “B players”, but the true is that Lotina doesn’t like the idea of working with a large squad, therefore new exits aren’t discarded.

It was something confirmed by the same coach to reporters, “I’ve a clear picture, but must talk to the president and take some decisions. I neither will change my previous idea, because the players aren’t yet at their top and we can’t extract conclusions, but the idea is clear about what we want. Since this point we are going to valorise the things and analyze our options towards the exits.”

All appoints that one central defender will leave, this since Lotina has five at the squad: Lopo, Colotto, Ze Castro, Rochela and Aythami. Another thing that still to be defined is the main system that he will use during the regular competition. So far the coach has been testing the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3, and for the moment there isn’t a final decision about it, as Lotina explained recently, ”We´ll keep testing the two systems. We must define where the wingers are more useful.”



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