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10 Aug 2010
Despite saying that he’s content with the team, coach Lotina is currently seeking for a new striker. The club is studying the possibilities. Deportivo is also searching for a new left-back defender.

The lack of goals shown during the friendly games disputed on the pre-season is something that demonstrates the necessity of a striker capable to score an important number of goals. Coach Miguel Angel Lotina has said in public that he’s happy with the performance of the team, but at the same time he will not despise the opportunity to sign a new forward for his team.

Before the trip to London the Basque coach told to reporters that he was going to watch “three or four videos” during the weekend, and on Sunday he told to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña that, “We have a couple of strikers on target… The president is working and making his moves. It isn’t just what we want, but the other club must also allow his arrival. Maybe it could take part of a possible transfer. A loan is also a possibility. For the moment I can only tell you that we have foreign strikers on the list.”

Later he explained what qualities he is searching for, “Nobody doubts that if we find a different type of striker, I say it again, compared to the ones we already have then we will try to sign him. We are searching for a reference, somebody with qualities that we don’t currently have. If we find him then we will do it, but we will see. Right now a match in Internet is waiting for me at home, it’s the only place where I can see him”

It isn’t the only necessity at the team, because Depor’s coach is also looking for a left-back defender. The club wasn’t expecting to lose Sergio Escudero, who ended signing for Schalke 04 and that was a choice combining quality and youth, and for the moment Lendoiro is trying to find another candidate with different qualities.

Despite everything, Lotina still thinking that Deportivo’s team is going in the right direction, as he told to La Opinión, “We are better with the ball; I have the feeling that everybody wants the ball possession, they have the habit to ask for it and moves it with confidence. Also in the defensive aspect it’s evident that the team has acquired qualities of the two previous years and it’s difficult to score against us. Everyone talks about how difficult is to score a goal, but the rivals also have problems to score against us, and this is a very important quality for any team; Guardado and Lassad were fine; Seoane was good at the left-back position. The central defenders were fine… we are bringing a lot of good news from this trip.”



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