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18 Aug 2010
Canarian Manuel Pablo talked to Sportpaper AS, it was a sincere interview in which the right-back defender refused to think of relegation and instead he was pointing out to the European places.

One of Depor’s captains, Manuel Pablo, was admitting that people gets too worried about the future of Deportivo in la liga, just when the results dictate other things, "Some people always think bad things or in relegation, but as I remember in recent years we never had such problems. Lotina’s first season went a little wrong in the first round, but later we finished at the top and without troubles. We have always been among the top ten places and almost always at the gates of Europe "

He was also admitting that the impression left by the team on the past liga campaign wasn’t the best, "We all know for certain that we didn’t practice a great game, though we were more or less fine if you just look at the results. As for the level of the game, we had very few good matches. I think we had enough players to have done more. This year we want to play a little better. "

Later the Canarian defender analysed the automatic clause in his contract that will renew him if he plays 25 official games during the new season "It isn’t obsessing me. Of course I would like to reach those 25 games, for several reasons: to have one more year, to show that I still have the needed level, and to demonstrate that I can compete with other younger players. If it isn’t possible, well at least I will try to have good performances and help the team. "

He was also denying that this is going to be an unlucky season since it’s his thirteen campaign at Deportivo, “"I'm not superstitious at all, I don’t have that kind of mania with the number thirteen. I even like that fact. That fact of carrying up with thirteen seasons is important to me, it’s not usual for most players.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo was feeling sorry for the way in which Sergio left the club, and he was hoping to not live a similar scenario “These things happen. There are some contracts signed and each one defends their interests. I don’t think about leaving the team through the front door and neither by the back door, but in a normal manner. I just want to leave as I arrived."



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