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12 Apr 2006
Last week's confrontation between Lendoiro and Caparr??s seems to be generating positive results after all. Depor's president met with the Sevillan coach on Tuesday night, with the objective of planning the next season.

The media in Spain doesn't know the details of the meeting, but they suspect one of the issues discussed was possible reinforcements. Sportpaper Marca wrote that defender Albert Lopo, midfielder Juan Rodr?­guez and winger Pablo ?lvarez have already been signed. Lendoiro’s efforts seem now to be focused on three other incorporations: two wingers and a striker.

This means Lendoiro’s possible plan could consist of six new faces in the squad, while five other players seem to have one foot out the door: V?­ctor, C?©sar, Romero, Jes??s Mu?±oz and Duscher. The first four men finish their contracts in June and the Argentine midfielder has admitted that his departure is close.

The other two players ending their contracts in June are Francisco Molina and Dani Mallo, but their situations aren't clear at this moment. Marca reported last week that Molina is close to signing an extension, but yesterday the Valencian keeper admitted after training that nothing is certain yet. The case of Dani Mallo is also uncertain, especially considering the rumours about the possible arrival of Diego L??pez (Real Madrid) and Roberto (Sporting Gij??n).

The plans for next season also involve the role of youngsters in the first team. Caparr??s wants a few empty spaces in order to give the Fabril players more chances.  The progress of Iago, Iv??n Carril, Xisco and Senel could also influence the signing of reinforcements since these young players will probably need a spot in the following seasons.

For the moment club officials are concentrating their efforts on Iago.  The Galician player has started the last three Liga games and since his contract with Fabril ends in June, the search for an extension is on its way. Iago said there won’t be any problems with it: "I want to continue here, Deportivo also wants that, so I'm sure that there won’t be any problems. Besides, where can I go that is better than here?"

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