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24 Aug 2010
Deportivo still facing problems to score the goals, which indicates that the team misses a top- scorer; also, despite that the defensive solidity seems intact, there are some mismatches that Lotina must correct before the debut in liga.

The resume of the pre-season is that Deportivo played nine friendly matches achieving two victories, five drams and suffering two defeats.  The team faced six rivals that are competing at the highest level in their countries (Young Boys, Twente, Newcastle, West Ham, Olympiacos and Lazio), while other two rivals were second division teams (Cardiff City and Union Berlin). Finally, the only Spanish rival that was faced is Segunda B club Pontevedra FC.

In the end the Galician team scored nine goals and allowed other nine, six of those goals were leaked against two teams (Union Berlin and Lazio). The team also achieved four clean sheets. A curios stat is that the team allowed five of the nine goals after the 60th minute, which indicates that the team still lacking physical condition. In the other hand, only two goals were scored by Depor in that part of the games. To mention that Depor also disputed three penalty shootouts definitions and it lost the three of them.

About the players, only three men participated in the nine games of the pre-season: Juan Rodriguez (585 minutes), Saul (493) and Riki (460). Meanwhile, Manu (667) and Valerón (249) just missed to perform in one game. In the other hand, Aranzubia, who has been injured during the whole period, was the only man that didn’t play any game, without forgetting new signings Rindaroy and Morel. Adrian (3 games, 116 minutes) was another player with a small participation on the pre-season, he also spent the most of the time injured.

Riki was the Pichichi on the pre-season with three goals scored, the other six were scored by Adrian, Saul, Desmarets, Valerón, Michel and Fabril’s Dioni. Meanwhile, Lotina used seven Depor B players during the pre-season: Rochela (5 games, 312 minutes), Dioni (3 games, 154 minutes), Stopira (3 games, 182 minutes), Raul Garcia (3 games, 178 minutes), Diego Rivas (2 games, 53 minutes), Felipe Ramos (1 game, 90 minutes) and Andre Andre (1 game, 20 minutes).


1- The system. Lotina used the 4-2-3-1 the most of the time. Despite the Basque manager was saying that his thoughts were on the 4-3-3, the truth is that in the end he realized that the players feel more comfortable with the ‘old’ system, which should indicate that the 4-2-3-1 will be the main choice, at least within the first liga matchdays.

2- The old problem with the goals. It isn’t a new issue, but Deportivo still lacking aim; nine goals in nine friendly matches is a poor mark for a team that aspires to do something important. Once again the squad is only creating a few scoring opportunities, and to make it worse, it’s wasting the major part of them. Lotina has said that he is not too worried about this fact since he now has more alternatives coming from the ‘second line’, but at the same time the coach has admitted that the team needs a goal-scorer, somebody that can capitalize those few opportunities.

3- The key is the defence. The problems with the goals will mean that once again Depor will depend on the defensive work in order to achieve the results. The tam looked pretty solid at defence during the pre-season, and actually it clinched four clean sheets in nine games. However, the team showed some defensive mismatches that are worrying Lotina, but it must be said that the major part of those errors occurred when the team was playing with the substitutes. As example, when the team allowed the comeback of Union Berlin (from 0-3 to 3-3), the defensive line on the pitch was: Manu – Laure, Rochela, Aythami, Raul. And the defensive team that allowed the three goals against Lazio was: Felipe Ramos – Laure, Aythami, Ze Castro, Seoane. And those were six of the nine goals allowed during the pre-season (67% of the total). Besides, Lotina is trying to change the way in which the players mark on the pitch, which normally led to some mismatches during the friendly encounters.

4- Still needing to improve in a physical sense. The team isn’t yet at the top of it´s physical form, it was normal to realize that the players had a better performance in the first halves than in the final parts, and the stats demonstrates this, because the team allowed five of the nine goals on the pre-season after the 60th minute (56% of the total), while it only scored two of its nine goals in that part of the games (only 22% of the total).

5- The injuries still striking the team. Once again the shadow of the injuries has chased Depor as it was normal to see Lotina having several casualties for the friendly games. As examples, for the trip to London he missed eight men, and in the last game against Lazio he missed seven players due to different physical problems. This is a serious issue that must be watched carefully by the medical staff; after all it was one of the reasons that caused the downfall on the last second round in liga. For the moment the team begins the liga season with three players in doubt: Aranzubia (shoulder), Lassad and Urreta (both muscular problems).

The pre-season 2010/11 for Deportivo:
22.08.2010 - SS Lazio 3 – Deportivo 1
18.08.2010 - Olympiacos F.C. 0 - Deportivo 0
12.08.2010 - Pontevedra CF 1 – Deportivo 3
07.08.2010 - West Ham United 0 - Deportivo 0
03.08.2010 - Deportivo 0 - Newcastle United 0 (Teresa Herrera)
31.07.2010 - Cardiff City FC 0 - Deportivo 1
25.07.2010 - FC Union Berlin 3 - Deportivo 3
23.07.2010 - FC Twente 1 - Deportivo 1
20.07.2010 - BSC Young Boys 1 Deportivo 0



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