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27 Aug 2010
Four days before the end of the summer window and Lotina has 26 players at the first squad, one more than the maximum allowed by la liga. However the club has the choice to inscribe Juan Dominguez as a B player. Still, there’s no room for anybody else.

The arrivals of Olav Rindarøy and Claudio Morel have raised the numbers of players at Depor’s first squad to twenty-six men, which means one more player than the limit allowed by la liga for the Primera season. The club was hoping to concrete more exits after the departure of Filipe Luis, but until this point it wasn’t possible.

For now the easiest solution is to inscribe some players as “B team members”, in order to do this the player must be U-23 and should have passed through the B squad, and the only candidate that fulfills the requirements is Juan Dominguez, who is 20 and already played at Fabril for one and a half season. It doesn’t mean that he will be able to play with Depor B –his professional contract doesn’t allow this-. It is just that he won’t be counted in the final list for la liga, which gives Lotina an extra slot.

But still, the 25 spaces will be covered and Lotina won’t be able to hire the striker that he has been searching in South America, before the club will have to release somebody. If nobody leaves, then the composition of the squad will stay the same. So, any new arrival will need an exit and the first candidate to leave was Adrian Lopez ‘Piscu’, the central defender that abandoned the club before the pre-season stage and that’s considered now as a “renegade”, some reports were putting him at Wigan Athletic, but Lendoiro won’t left him out from the final list, because the president is planning to sue him for not fulfilling his contract, and for this he needs that the defender is inscribed in la liga.

So, the most feasible thing is to search for other transfers; on Wednesday Lendoiro confirmed that there’s an offer for Ze Castro, while Hércules is wishing to count with winger Pablo Alvarez, the president said that the club is opened to negotiate for both players, therefore this could be the solution for the arrival of the new striker.

Despite Lotina has a full changing room, he also has the chance to promote players from Fabril, and for this season the main candidates for it are keeper Felipe Ramos, central defender David Rochela, striker Dioni, playmaker Andre Andre and side defenders Diego Seoane, Raul Garcia and Stopira. All of them could be alternating between the first and the second squad without any restriction.

The current situation at Depor’s squad according to the players’ positions:

Despite been injured at this point of the season, Dani Aranzubia is clearly the first choice, while Manu will only play in Copa and in the liga games that the Basque will miss. Meanwhile, Lotina already confirmed that Felipe Ramos will dispute the starting role at Deportivo B against Diego Rivas as he’s considered a signing for the future. It’s the position where all things seem pretty clear.

For the new season, and as it was a tradition in past years, the defensive line will be the most complete and balanced zone that Lotina will have at his team; and it’s that he has two right-backs (Manuel Pablo and Laure), five central defenders (Lopo, Colotto, Ze Castro, Aythami and Piscu) and two left-backs (Olav Rindarøy and Claudio Morel). Piscu will be inscribed but won’t play as he already chose his destiny, while Ze Castro could be transferred, but Lotina still has the choice to use David Rochela from Depor B; the Basque manager even has the ‘luxury’ choice of picking Seoane, Raul and Stopira for both sides.

Therefore this zone on the pitch is well covered and, actually, it’s expected that it will be the pillar of the team during the season. With Lopo and Colotto as starters at the centre of the defence, the only question is who are going to be the main choices at the sides; Laure and Morel will be the starters against Zaragoza, but Manuel Pablo and Rindarøy are ready to fight for a chance.

After all the injury problems had on the past season, Lotina has now more choices as the major part of the new arrivals are coming in order to strengthen this zone on the pitch. Depor’s coach has now five alternatives for the pivote functions (Juan Rodriguez, Antonio Tomas, Juca, Juan Dominguez and Ruben Perez), which means that he can perfectly choose to play with the ‘classical’ line of two pivotes, or even with a ‘trivote’

Same situation happens at both wings; Lotina has now three choices for the right side of the attack (Urreta, Saul and Pablo Alvarez), so he will finally stop using emergency solutions as Juan Rodriguez for the spot, even the club is studying the exit of Alvarez in order to reduce the number of right wingers. Meanwhile Guardado has now a competitor at the left: Yves Desmarets. Finally, the coach has two alternatives for the playmaking function: Valerón and Michel. And it should be remembered that Juan Dominguez and Pablo Alvarez and even striker Lassad might be used as playmakers.

In the end it can be said that midfield territory is well covered and that Lotina should have enough alternatives to plan his strategy, whether is a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3. For the same reason it isn’t probable that Lotina will use Fabril’s players on this part of the field, but the expected progress of Andre Andre and Luis Angel at Depor B might earn them a chance. Another B player that could have a chance is playmaker Juan Carlos, who already demonstrated his talent during the past season.

It seems to be the weakest position for Lotina, starting with the fact that he only has three options: Riki, Adrian and Lassad . The number seems to be enough taking in mind that Lotina will often play with only one central attacker, but the injuries and the lack of a real “top-scorer” invites to think that Lotina is missing something on here. Bodipo has been excluded from FC Baslui, and his agent is reclaiming a spot at Depor, but Lendoiro said that he won’t return, so Lotina isn’t counting with him.

Anyhow, and despite the injury problems of the past season, Riki managed to score eight goals during the last liga edition. If the Madrilenian is able to stay healthy, and if as Lassad and Adrian can contribute with things from time to time, then the fans could get a pleasant surprise in terms of goals scored. What won’t be a surprise is the possible presence of Fabril’s Dioni during the regular season; after all he already scored a goal with the first team during the pre-season.



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