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01 Sep 2010
Despite the rumours, nothing happened in the final day of the transfer window, there were no exits and neither the desired arrival of a new striker. In the end Lotina has 26 players at the first team, including Piscu.

No exits, no new arrivals. That’s the resume of what happened during the last days of the summer transfer window. President Augusto César Lendoiro warned on Sunday that it was going to be a “little miracle” to concrete the exits and the so expected arrival of a new striker, and in the end he was right as there were no movements at Depor’s headquarters.

What the club wanted was to find a new destiny for central defender Ze Castro and right winger Pablo Alvarez, this since the 25 spots at the first team –the maximum allowed by la liga- were already occupied and in this way open a gap for the arrival of the new ‘goal-scorer’ so eagerly anticipated by coach Miguel Angel Lotina.

Ze Castro was linked with Greek club Panathinaikos, Turkish side Besiktas and with Portuguese team Sporting Clube de Braga, and actually the player had permission to not train on Tuesday in order to be alert to any possible movement. On Sunday Lendoiro confirmed that Panathinaikos was asking for a loan agreement, operation that would have included a buyout option. His agent even told to Portuguese Sportpaper A Bola that his exit was imminent and that he was negotiating with several clubs.

But in the end nothing happened. Late on Tuesday’s night Lendoiro talked to reporters and confessed that the exit of Ze Castro was pending on the signing of a Besiktas’ player by German club Schalke 04, but that move wasn’t materialized, and neither the exit of Depor’s defender. Now the ex-Academica will spend his third season at Deportivo; he will continue to fight against Lopo, Colotto and Aythami for a spot as starter at the centre of the defence, probably the most competitive position at Lotina’s team.

Neither Pablo Alvarez found the door out; the agent of the winger is José Luis Tamargo and he told to reporters that the only club that showed interest was Hércules CF, though the club from Alicante never presented an official offer. On Tuesday his name was also linked with Real Valladolid, but it was just a rumour.  Now ‘The Shark’ will have to fight against Saul and Uruguayan latest sensation Urreta for a spot at the right wing of Deportivo.

A curious note is that new signing Yves Desmarets was linked with Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon by Sportpaper Marca, apparently they were offering to pay for a final transfer, but the player refused the news as he talked to reporters, “I am staying, don’t know anything about what Marca wrote, I talked to my agent and he told me that nobody spoke to him. When I left Portugal it was in order to play at the best league in the world and it is the Spanish la liga, so I’m staying.”

Therefore, and since there were no exits from the team, there were no new arrivals to Deportivo. Lotina was hoping to hire a striker that could have guaranteed an important number of goals. On Sunday Radio Galega mentioned a possible interest in striker Ariza Makukula /(29, Kayserispor) and on Tuesday La Voz de Galicia wrote about the possibility of Evangelos Mantzios (27, Panathinaikos), but nothing happened as there were no empty spots at Depor’s squad.

As resume of the transfer window, Deportivo completed the arrival of seven new players for the first team: Saul, Desmarets, Morel, Urreta, Rindarøy, Michel and Ruben Perez. The first three were zero-cost transfers, while the other four are joining the club has part of a loan operation. At the same time there were eight exits: Felipe Luis, Ruben Castro, Ivan Perez, Bodipo, Alex Bergantiños, Sergio, Brayan Angulo and Mista. The first two are leaving €15 million at the bank, the next three were loaned out and the last three men left the club for free.

In the end Lotina is staying with 26 players at his first team; 25 of them were inscribed as first team members, while Juan Dominguez was inscribed as a B team player, though he will stay playing at the first squad. The list also includes the presence of central defender Adrian Lopez ‘Piscu’, who still without showing up and whose future should be decided within the next days. It was rumoured that he was training with Wigan Athletic, but he wasn’t inscribed at the English Premier League, and by midnight Lendoiro told to reporters that there were no news on him and that he was hoping that the player “still alive”.

The 26 players inscribed in la liga for the season 2010/11:
Goalkeepers: Aranzubia and Manu
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Lopo, Colotto, Aythami, Ze Castro, Piscu, Morel and Rindarøy
Midfielders: Antonio Tomas, Juan Rodríguez, Juca, Rubén Pérez, Juan Domínguez, Michel, Valerón, Saúl, Urreta, Pablo Álvarez, Desmarets and Guardado
Strikers: Riki, Adrian and Lassad

Shirt numbers for la liga 2010/11:
1 Aranzubia
2 Manuel Pablo
3 Morel
4 Ruben Perez
5 Ze Castro
6 Juca
7 Lopo
8 Lassad
9 Michel
10 Adrian
11 Riki
12 Saul
13 Manu
14 Pablo Alvarez
15 Laure
16 Antonio Tomás
17 Urreta
18 Guardado
19 Colotto
20 Desmarets
21 Valeron
22 Juan Rodriguez
23 Aythami
24 Rindaroy
25 Adrián López ‘Piscu'

Fabril’s players:
26 Felipe Ramos
27 Rochela
28 Juan Domínguez
29 Añon
30 Stopira
31 Dani
32 Raúl Garcia
33 Diego Seoane
34 Dioni
35 Diego Rivas
36 André André



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