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02 Sep 2010
Depor’s coach talked at the press room of Abegondo after Wednesday’s training session; he analysed the composition of the squad after the closure of the transfer window.

Lotina started talking of the impossibility to sign a new striker, "The president was trying until midnight, but it wasn’t possible. I am delighted because we have a very competitive team. The new forward hasn’t arrived, but the president tried and we still have three strikers with good characteristics. I can’t complain in any way. We don’t have a striker of fifteen or twenty goals, but among all we must add that number. What we must do is to try to see Riki repeating his mar of eight goals, and later push Lassad and Adrian to approach to that number, so among all we could reach what we need. "

About the cases of Pablo Alvarez and Ze Castro, Lotina said to be content despite both players didn’t find the door out, “I had given the club and the players the freedom to negotiate if something good was coming out, but I said that if they were staying I would be more than happy, because then we were going to have more possibilities. We had an agreement with Besiktas and Ze Castro, because they sold a central defender to Schalke 04, but the Germans changed their mind and signed a French player, so Besiktas wasn’t able to complete the operation."

What was upsetting the coach was the case with Piscu, “The issue of Piscu still surprising me. I've never seen a case like this. I don’t know what happened. If he returns, by any chance, of course the club is the one that has to handle the situation, not me, because, well… he didn’t call me. I'm surprised."

The Basque man continued criticizing the agent of the Galician defender, "There are times when the ones advising the players aren’t the right people to do it. I'm not saying this is the case, but for example it was like that with Barragán or Fabricio. I told them that they were needing to play 30 games at Segunda, and that they could had a spot at Deportivo, which is a good club, a serious club…and now they are at Segunda.”

“I told to Piscu the same thing; that he was needing to play at another place, but always thinking he was going to be the central defender of Deportivo for many years. I don’t understand this obsession of going out, we are talking of a Depor that was champion in la liga, and in recent years it is giving much opportunities to young people. They like going out to earn four more Euros... I don’t know who is advising him, but often it isn’t the right people. It is a matter of the agents, many are wrong, I don’t know whether is for money or why. I speak many times as a parent, and sometimes it's better to go to Segunda and play 30 games. When I give an advice is not to earn or lose four Euros. "

Finally, Lotina said that Lassad, Aranzubia and Michel are evolving from their injuries, but that he isn’t sure yet if the trio will be fit enough to play against Sevilla. He also said that the large list of players at the first team won’t be an obstacle for the promotion of the youngsters at Fabril, “If they have to play they will do it, but instead of four they have to demonstrate to be better than five players at the first team.”



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