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02 Sep 2010
Central defender Adrian Lopez ‘Piscu’ is still missing; he was inscribed in la liga by Deportivo, but the club doesn’t know where he is. It seemed the defender was with Wigan, but it wasn’t inscribed at the Premier League.

The case of central defender Adrian López ‘Piscu’ still unsolved and has called the attention of Spain due to its unique circumstances; the Galician player was ending contract in June, both sides negotiated an extension, but never reached a final agreement, and before the end of the past season president Lendoiro used an agreement between la liga and the Players Association (AFE) to extend the contract for one additional year.  This agreement allows the Spanish football clubs to extend the contract of their promoted players from the B squads, this as a way of compensation for the work done at the youth teams, at the same time the agreement stipulates that any Spanish club trying to sign the player must pay €1.5 million.

But the player wasn’t happy with the increase of the wages stipulated in this new contract, and decided to leave. He was training at Abegondo before the start of the pre-season, but left the city before July 8, day in which the players were called for the initial meeting at the Riazor. Since then the club didn’t receive any official notification of his status, just a phone conversation with his agent, Eugenio Botas, who said that soon the player was going to decide his future.

But it wasn’t like that; actually it was until August that he gave signs of life as the defender appeared at the training camp of Wigan Athletic at the English Premier League. Then his agent talked to reporters and said that soon he was going to sign for a new club. It was even commented that ‘The Latics’ were ready to pay €1.2 million in order to sign the player and avoid problems with Deportivo. But in the last day of the transfer market the British club only inscribed Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley and Chelsea striker Franco Di Santo.

Instead it was Deportivo the side that inscribed the player in la liga; newspaper La Voz de Galicia consulted an official of Deportivo about the case and he responded that, “He wasn’t inscribed with any other club, but we did it, so supposedly he will train on here, but we don’t know yet.”. Meanwhile, Lendoiro told to reporters after the closure of the marker that he was hoping that the player “was still alive”

Now nobody knows what will happen next; the player was inscribed in la liga, because in this way Deportivo is able to sue him in a court of law and demand the payment of the €1.5 million for not showing to work. So, the player is forced to comeback, and the big question is if Piscu will do it or if now he will change his strategy to keep evading his obligations.



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