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03 Sep 2010
Not the best of the debuts for playmaker Michel as he suffered a knee problem that forced him to leave the pitch against Zaragoza, now the Valencian talks of his experiences in La CoruŮa during an interview at La Voz de Galicia.

Q: Whatís going on with the knee?
A: Thereís nothing damaged in the knee. This week I am going to work at the top in order to prepare the match against Sevilla.

Q: How was the play?
A: I controlled the ball outside the area, and was backwards the goal. Then I started to lose the ball and wanted to extend the walk, turn off and strike the ball. I wanted to do everything [he laughs]. At the turn I felt a cramp, then my knee was blocked. I lay on the floor, I made a little movement and then the knee was loose again. I could have continued playing, but the doctor told me that no and I left the game as a precaution measure. I've been more afraid than usual, because I never lived something like that, but in the end it's nothing.

Q: Is the same knee damaged during the Teresa Herrera?
A: Yes. The same, so I decided to quit. I didnít play since the Teresa Herrera until the day of Lazio. Against the Italians I wasnít at one hundred percent, but we had to test before starting the league. I had enough fear, but the knee responded well and in that game in Italy I didnít have any strange symptoms. But Lotina took me off as a precaution, because the goal was to catch the pace, because I had two weeks without playing.

Q: Apart from the injury, how was your debut? You barely touched the ball...
A: It was the first game. Everybody was a little nervous, and wanted to do it so well that it was hard for us. In the first half we had some chances and the  ball possession. I was happy, though the ball came to me a few times. I felt great with Urreta, Guardado and Adrian. Too bad I wasnít able to continue in the game.

Q: In that game against Lazio and less, against Zaragoza, we appreciated a good connection between you and Adrian. Does this connection come from the U-21 team?
A: The two of us used to play the final minutes with the national team and also we coincided in practice. We combine very well. We were always making passes, we had a mutual understanding and thatís good between partners. Before the game against Lazio I told him I was going to score and he didnīt believe it. In the end he dedicated the goal to me, for the assist I made. Now, to see if we can repeat it on the league.

Q: Are both, Adrian and Riki, strikers that combine well with your type of game?
A: Yes. Adrian is very fast, like Riki. The truth is that the speed of the two is very helpful, because in any long play the defense has to turn around and they come out faster than the defenders. For a midfielder is easier to play this type of attacker.

Q: Or with Villa...
A: It's different. With El Guaje it was enough if you were putting the ball on his feet, because he was doing the rest and scoring the goal.

Q: You like to come down to midfield in order to receive the ball...
A: Yes, what I like the best is to go down for the ball. Thatís a big problem for many midfielders and defenders, to climb up the ball, but it isnít for me. I like to catch it and bring it up towards the front or the wings. I am very happy to play as a playmaker and hopefully will do it in a lot of games.
Q: At Valencia B you also performed as a second striker.
A: Yes, sometimes when I wanted to score at any way, especially in the final minutes, I did it in order to take advantage of any rebound. I also like it. I, as long as I play, do it at any place.

Q: The season you scored 11 goals for Valencia B, did you did it as a second striker or playmaker?
A: Playmaker. Coming from the second line. I had a good streak.

Q: What does Lotina ask from you?
A: What he always asked is hard work and commitment, which is most important. And then, if I score the goal, the better. When I enter into the pitch I always try to give everything for the fans and the coaching staff, and if I have time I will try to score a goal.

Q: What about the city, apart from the rain?
A: Since I'm here the first day of heavy rain was on the past Monday. I've even gone to the beach, and itís very funny to see a Valencian guy taking the sun in A CoruŮa, but I did it. I talk to my parents and tell them that I am very happy. Like I've never left home, they are impressed. I said, half joking and half serious, that I am here in order to stay. I am very happy with the fans, go unnoticed on the street, I donít feel overwhelmed. The city is welcoming and tiny. The weather is different to Valencia, where a few days ago it was 46 degrees. Neither rain nor heat, but a mild weather, good for playing football.

Q: And the food?
A:  I tried the percebe [a popular crustacean in Galicia] and I was delighted. Very good seafood dinner.

Q: I hope it wonít happen as Luizao, who got fat because eating rice with lobster and then he wasnít reaching the ball.
A: I donít think I will reach that point [he laughs]. Food is very good, but always with measure and knowing that your work in football.

? What about the studies?
A: I study a higher degree of Administration and Finances. In a few days I have an exam, because I still had one, and my intention is to fulfill it. I have to talk to the tutor, to see if I can do it from here. If I have to go there then I will talk to the coach and see if he allows me to do it; and if not I'll have to wait for the call next year.



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