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05 Sep 2010
On the past weekend Pablo Insua became into the youngest player that has debuted at Fabril during the ten years of Tito Ramallo at Depor’s B squad. The youngster was quite surprised with the event. Now he hopes for a tranquil season for Depor B.

Fabril debuted in Segunda B with a 2-2 draw at Lugo, it wasn’t a solid game for Ramallo’s team as the boys suffered a lot on the pitch, not too much positive conclusions can be made from the result, but the biggest news was related to the presence of a Juvenil A player on the pitch: Pablo Insua Blanco (born on September 09, 1993).

And it’s that, at his 16, he became into the youngest player that has debuted at Deportivo B within the last ten years, which is the time that Tito Ramallo has spent as the coach of Depor’s B squad. He was the partner of David Rochela at the centre of the defence, and it was quite surprising taking in mind that Ramallo has older and more ‘veteran’ players like new signing Fran Gonzalez, Diego Vieytes and even Uxio Marcos, who is his partner at Juvenil A and who already debuted with Fabril on the past season.

And Tito Ramallo was defending his decision as he was pleased with the work done by the defender, ”If he played it was because he deserved it; he is doing fine and it was a rewards for the player. Besides, I am really content for his work against Lugo: serene and never hiding during the plays, though he missed more strength. But I’m sure he will improve, though we must be patient with him.” The coach told to Depor Sport.

“I don’t look to the ID of the players when I make the starting eleven, so anyone deserving it ends winning the spot. Insua is a vantage compared to the other players of his age due to his competitive maturity. He has made the whole pre-season with us; he did a great job against Lugo and will stay there, though he will keep alternating between Fabril and the Juvenil A from División de Honor. To see him debuting at Fabril at the age of 16 is something that makes us happy, and we are encouraging him to seize the minutes we are giving to him in order to continue with his formation process.” Ramallo added.

Insua himself was surprised with his debut and was thanking the coaching staff, “Of course I want to thanks the coaching staff. The true is that I thought that I was only going to make the pre-season with Fabril and later return to Juvenil A. But Tito Ramallo is trusting in me. The coaches told me before the start to be calmed and do what I know, but I was nervous at the beginning, though it only lasted a few minutes. Lugo was the better side at the beginning, but as soon as we were feeling more comfortable we were able to equalize the score.”

Finally, the Arzua-born player is convinced that Fabril has a strong squad, at least a team capable of achieving the permanence without too many hurries, “We do have a good team and I believe we can do a tranquil season, and if we can achieve bigger things, then it will be welcomed.” 



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