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06 Sep 2010
Coach Miguel Angel Lotina talked to Sportpaper AS and offered interesting hints on what to expect from the season. He confirmed the dominance of the 4-2-3-1 and confessed his hopes on Desmarets, Lassad and Adrian.

The image left by Deportivo in the past game against Real Zaragoza was something to be worried, the team barely had scoring opportunities and sometimes a big hole appeared at midfield territory, which opened a road to the fast attack from Los Maños. A general feeling is that part of the problem is caused by the presence of two pivotes in the formation that can’t be described as offensive players: Juan Rodriguez and Antonio Tomás.

Part of the public is wishing to see young Juan Dominguez and recently arrival Rubén Pérez occupying those positions as they are considered as players with a more offensive view when they are on the pitch, but second coach Jose Luis Ribera warns that it isn’t a problem to blame one or two players.

“In my opinion, to say that the problem is located in the couple of pivotes is something exaggerated, because not only the inner midfielders are responsible of creating game. We start from the bottom, with the central defenders, the pivotes, to see the side defenders searching for the centre, the playmaker… The fluidity of football doesn’t depend on one or two players, but of what we all can do.” Ribera told to newspaper La Voz De Galicia.

"What we need to do is to analyze the reason why in the second half it was harder for us to generate football; It may be because we lacked movement, or because the players lacked fluidity with the ball, or because the peer has failed to give options to the player who had the ball, or maybe because they have missed variety with the game, I mean between short or long passes." He added.

Finally, Ribera says that the team not necessary would have played better with other midfielders at the starting eleven, because all of them practice a similar football. “Don’t think so. They have different conditions individually, but they add similar things to the team, i.e. to have a balance and try to generate the plays when the team has the ball possession, and also to bring a defensive balance when we don’t have the ball, that means to close the spaces and tighten the sector. The other day we played with Antonio (Tomas) and Juan (Rodriguez), who can do both jobs. Ruben also can defend and play. And the same if Juca or Juan Dominguez are the ones going out. I always advocate for the collective job. The group has to provide solutions with and without the ball possession.”



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