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07 Sep 2010
Saúl Fernández is the main competitor to Urreta for the starting spot at the right wing; he talked to newspaper La Opinión La Coruña and gave his impressions on the season that has just started

Q: Were you hardly wishing to debut with this new shirt?
A: A lot. I would have liked it from the start, as it seemed it could be, but I am very happy to have participated. It was just for fifteen minutes and it's not like I had the opportunity to participate in a lot of plays, but the feelings are good because I wanted to make my debut and play in front of our fans.

Q: Are you disappointed for being a substitute after been all week long among the theoretical starters?
A: Yes, it was mentioned, but I was a bit isolated from everything, because I knew that I could have played or not. Neither I was especially excited, because I'm realistic and many of us are competing for a spot. The coach always tries to do what he thinks is the best for the team. This has just started. We should go slowly and keep working; I wish I will have more minutes.

Q: It wasn’t an easy day to shine, and less entering at the end of the game.
A: Obviously. In addition, the score was 0-0 and neither there were many chances. It was a very close match. I felt good because I entered into the game and never lost the ball, though neither had any clear opportunity to go upfront and make a cross or a shot on goal. I would have liked to have some time to shoot or to make any move to release a cross. The 0-0 is not the result we would have liked, but it isn’t bad.

Q: Lotina asked for a number nine that could be a reference and eventually it didn’t come. Is this Depor missing goal?
A: People are talking a lot about that, but the team is solid. If we have the ball possession and have a good day, then we can create a lot of opportunities no matter been playing with only one striker. The players up front have the ability to shot on target and have eye for the goal. There are three strikers with different characteristics and inside the dressing room we don’t see a lack of goal. We would have liked to score more goals during the pre-season, because then we wouldn´t have this debate and everyone would be a little quieter, but with three forwards, plus the people from the second line, we can score a lot of goals.

Q: You too?
A: I like to shoot on target. Whenever I get a chance I will try to shoot and score. The other day I was left with that thorn. I was wishing to have the ball, make a dribble and shot. It wasn’t possible, but we must be quiet.

Q: So the lack of scoring is an external debate.
A: Yes. At the changing room we aren’t talking about it. We also have a great advantage, which is that we are a strong team at defense. Just look at the strengths. The important thing is that the goals could arrive when we need them and end with this debate.
Q: How is your acclimation to the club and the city?
A: Okay. I have adapted quickly, mostly thanks to the help of my colleagues. Every time I feel more comfortable and more integrated.

Q: Are you surprised to see so few people at the stands of the Riazor for the first league match?
A: No. Neither the match was too showy. We know that the fans will always be there supporting the team when we need them the most. I was used to play like this in Elche, with few people, and in that sense it neither called my attention nor that it disappointed me. Not at all. Everyone speaks highly of the fans. Surely we will get a lot of support. We also have to bring joy to the people in order to see bigger attendances.

Q: For now, Urreta seems to be the most exciting signing for the fans.
A: Yes. From the beginning, everyone was saying that it was the most popular signing. He came loaned from a great team like Benfica. It's a young player with great potential. I know that I come from Elche, it’s not the same reference to come from Benfica, and it´s logical that people is more hopeful with Urreta. In the friendly games it was possible to judge the contribution of everybody and I am pleased with the pre-season I've done. I'm happy with how things are going and with my work. I have to wait for the opportunity and try to see people excited and happy with me.



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