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08 Sep 2010
The war against Piscu and his agent might carry other consequences, because the representative of the central defender is also the agent of other four Depor’s members, three of them are ending contract in June.

Deportivo still waiting for news on Adrian López ‘Piscu’, the ‘renegade’ central defender that left the pre-season camp searching for a better contract at another club after been renewed during the summer. The strategy of the club was to inscribe the defender in la liga and wait to see him trying to sign a contract with another club, which will led to the presentation of a legal demand against the player.

But as the club is waiting, it already started a verbal confrontation against the agent of the defender, Eugenio Botas. On the past week coach Miguel Angel Lotina directly pointed to him as the source of the problem, while on Saturday Depor Sport lighted the debate calling him “unscrupulous”.

The official paper of Deportivo revealed that before the conflict started, the club was accepting the renewal offer of the agent, which was meaning a contract for four years, but that Botas, inexplicably, never contacted the club and that in the end decided to take off the player from Deportivo, an “irresponsible” maneuver that could be very expensive for his career as the defender is currently without training.

Depor Sport’s article also informs that the automatic renewal that the club did was according to an agreement between la liga and the Spanish Players Association (AFE), an agreement that allows the Spanish clubs to sign for one more year the U-24 players that are ending contract, which also gives an increase of 7% to the wages of the player (in the case of Piscu is 107,000 Euros).

And this battle against Botas could carry important consequences to the club, after all the agent was one of the “allies” of Lendoiro in the past as he participated in the negotiations that took Walter Pandiani to Birmingham and Albert Luque to Newcastle, besides Botas is the current agent of four Depor’s players, and three of them are ending contract in June and were starters in the opening game against Zaragoza: Manu, Antonio Tomás and the other Adrian López, the striker.

To make things worse the fourth name on the list is David Rochela, considered as one of the bigger promises of the club and that ends his contract with Depor in 2013. The club fears that it will face big problems to renew these four men, and actually the negotiations with Adrian are stopped since the past season, and could not restarted after the verbal confrontation between the club and the agent.



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