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09 Sep 2010
Depor Sport presented a report of the budget for the season 2010/11: the global amount is of €52.85 million; as it has been common in recent years the budget is lower compared to past years and it’s mainly financed by the TV rights.

The tendency continues; for the seventh straight year the budget of Deportivo will suffer a cut. The budget was presented during the weekend by Depor Sport and was established in €52.85 million, this means a decrease of 5.3% compared to the previous campaign. The reductions saw within the last years are partially good since the club is spending less and using more money to pay the huge debt. Compared to the last year in Champions League (2004/05), the budget is suffering a reduction of €30 million.

As its normal at the Spanish football, the main source for the money is coming for the TV rights, and it’s that the 35% of the money (€18.5 million) is generated by the TV broadcasting rights. The second source of money is the transfer of players, amount that on this occasion was established in €15 million (28.38% of the total); to mention that the club already covered this quota thanks to the transfers of Filipe Luis and Ruben Castro. The club also stipulated an income of €600,000 for the loan of three players: Alex Bergantiños, Iván Pérez and Rodolfo Bodipo.

The third source for the money is the publicity, which was calculated in €7.5 million (14.19% of the total). In resume, the TV rights, the transfers and the incomes for publicity represent the 77.57% of the budget. The rest of the money is coming from other sources like the incomes from the socios (€5.45 million), the tickets sell (€2.1 million) and the incomes generated with the friendly matches played on the pre-season (€1.1 million).

About the expenses, the major part is related to the payment of the players’ and employees’ wages: €23.51 million (44.49% of the total); to mention that the players will represent €22.21 million of the total. About the debt, the plan is to pay €12.74 million, which would mean to reduce the global debt of the club to almost €110 million. If the plan of president Lendoiro continues on the same way, the debt could be erased in ten years.

Finally, other important destination for the money is the payment of external services like transportation and telecommunications, for the season 2010/11 this amount has been estimated in €4.99 million. The budget will be presented to the socios during the shareholders meeting that will take place in December.



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