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14 Sep 2010
The media in La Coruña and Seville was pleased with the performance of both teams; the defensive job of Depor was praised and the papers believe that it will be hard to score a goal against the Galicians.

La Voz De Galicia: The keeper blew the forecasts. We said it before, and I hold my words: we can’t provide a diagnosis of the teams until the liga exceeds the half a dozen of games. Yes, we can say that on last night Depor was able to hold on the result, slowing a Sevilla that had the duty to ingratiate itself with the fans. And the Galician team achieved the mission of not allowing a goal, even without spending excessive problems until the break...

The second part was going to be a complete repetition of the first, with a solid defense and an ineffective behavior against the opposite goals. Only some poisoned attempts from Sevilla were neutralized by Manu, who overcame his insecureness of the first part. If before the crossbar was an ally for Depor, then the aid was repeated in the second half; there were no goals, because the final attempt was missed by Lopo in a header after a free-kick, just when he was alone against Palop. To achieve a draw at Sevilla has merit. Vicente Leirachá

La Opinión A Coruña: Without depth. Deportivo offered an acceptable image during its visit to Sevilla, but lacked depth in its game. In a good first half it was well positioned on the field and bet on the combinative football. It never left Sevilla to take the leading voice in the match, and the locals pulled strongly shortly before the break. Note that the bet of Depor was largely based on the performance of the triangle at midfield: Antonio Tomas, Ruben Perez and Desmarets. In the second half the team noticed the fatigue and the changes of the players at midfield, actually the modifications were the two pivotes and the playmaker, it broke down a little bit the schemes and the rival had some of its best opportunities. Lassad’s entry didn’t create the depth wanted by Lotina. The team continues to have trouble at the moment of creating scoring plays, in other words it appears to be the same line of last year. In addition, Manu played a great game, but still loose in the plays where he has to go put searching for the ball, that’s why Sevilla created so much danger in strategic plays. Javier Bardanca

AS: Sevilla and Deportivo played a flawless match in an academic sense. They did exactly what was expected of them. Sevilla, pushing relentlessly, and pursuing the goal from the start until the final whistle. Deportivo, standing on the grass, holding on at the back zone and waiting for its moment. Both sides, however, missed the magic. Because Sevilla and Deportivo finished in a goalless draw that was almost unexplainable. Negredo and Konko met the crossbar twice, while Manu and Palop were excellent. Adrian Navas, Lopo and Perotti and the Luis Fabiano himself sent to limbo thousand opportunities. The 0-0 is ugly, but it strengthens the idea of the two projects. Sevilla was good because it had style. Deportivo, because it remains as reliable as ever; Lotina is a surgeon. He has built an almost insurmountable team due to its precision. It barely commit mistakes in a tactical sense, it finds the arguments to stop any plan of attack and takes everything with utmost seriousness. Its problem is that it misses gunpowder. Adrian, Lassad, or the same Guardado and Urreta don’t have murderer instinct. Carlos Cariño

Marca: Sevilla wasn’t able to beat Deportivo despite enjoying of countless opportunities to open the scoresheet. The Andalusian team showed its best face before a Sánchez Pizjuán delivered to its team, but the lack of aim, the crossbar and Manu prevented a deserved victory. And that taking in mind that Deportivo had the most dangerous opportunity in the head of Lopo. Depor, meanwhile, was quiet while Desmarets melted to run after the ball. The French made a stunning work in defense, which lasted until he run out of fuel. When he was over, Deportivo began to suffer. Alvaro Olmedo

Diario de Sevilla: Clear conscience. Today, Sevilla can look at the standings with a clear conscience. It gave everything on the pitch to try to defeat a Depor that hasn’t conceded a goal yet and found a splendid figure in Manu, who is not willing to pass up the opportunity gave by the injury of Aranzubia. The Asturian goalkeeper gave a recital at Nervión, stadium that couldn’t sing the first victory of its team, but that at least saw the men of Antonio Alvarez trying to win the game in all the possible ways. Enumerating the chances to score it can be deducted that, of course, Sevilla did the merits to sleep with six points in its count, and paired with Atletico and Valencia at the head of the table. It met twice the crossbar and in numerous occasions with Manu, special nightmare of Negredo, the man who was the closest one to decide the clash and who didn’t have the luck that you must have as a striker.

But it´s also true that today, Sevilla, despite the uncertainty with the system, is a team under construction. A sample of this was that in a competitive match, with the leadership of Primera División at stake, it allowed the debut of two players at the starting lineup, Martin Caceres and Guarente. Still, Alvarez team showed signs of been on the right way. It’s a team that still has to grow, but that wants to make it with a good taste for football, the pieces are not yet completely connected. For example, if before the match Lotina said that Sevilla had changed in many things, certainly he didn’t expect that now the output of the ball was on the boots of Cáceres. After many years of starting to assemble the building on the left side, which often is occupied by Escudé, now the ball is passing through the Uruguayan, a central defender that offers hierarchy and leadership. Jesús Alba



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