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16 Sep 2010
Deportivo’s head coach gave a press conference after Wednesday’s training; he confessed his doubts about who should be the starting keeper against Getafe, while he also explained the cases of Michel, Riki, Adrian and Desmarets.

There are a lot of doubts surrounding Deportivo on these days; some people still wondering why Desmarets was the starting playmaker against Sevilla FC, this since the French isn’t used to perform on that position and specially since the winger confessed on Monday that he was informed about his role on the game until minutes before the kick-off.

But maybe the big doubt is who will be the starting keeper for the next game against Getafe; this after the great performance of Manu against Sevilla and taking in mind that Aranzubia seems ready to return. For the moment Lotina’s isn’t giving any clue, “Aranzubia is better and let’s see how is he during the week, probably he will be ready. I just want to see him in three or four more serious trainings, but I already can see that he’s content and believe that he will be ready for Monday. I still have to decide who will be the starting keeper against Getafe, so this week will be very important.”

“About Manu, my opinion hasn’t changed; for some people maybe he´s now a phenomenon, on the past week he was… football is like this, but we, the coaches, must have the capacity to see the virtues and the defects. If I decided to keep Manu in case Aranzubia was having any problem it was because I trusted him. I won’t change my opinion just for one match, for him it’s great because now people will see him with different eyes.” He added regarding the subject of the keepers.

About why Michel wasn’t a starter against Sevilla, the Basque man said that, “When a decision is taken, you do it looking at everything, but don’t want to give the explanations that I haven’t given to the player, and don’t want to see him getting informed through the media. On Sunday he will be on the list of picked players and possibly on the starting eleven, but these things are mine, I make decisions because I think it's the best for the team. "

Asked about the presence of Desmarets as a playmaker during the past game at the Sánchez Pizjuán, the Meñaka-born manager responded that, "Desmarets can bring a lot of things acting as a playmaker, especially playing away from home. He’s smart, knows how to enter into the area, he has great stuff and you can count on him. You will see him scoring several goals at the end of the year. He can play there safely, rather than many players, and also at the sides, but we can’t compare him with others."

Juan Rodríguez is other of the doubts, many people still asking why he was a substitute against Sevilla, and Lotina offered his response to the issue, "Last year he was out for four or five games after the first matchdays; I need to evaluate and make decisions analyzing the game, it also depends on the fitness and we always try to put the player that can offer more things. Sometimes we succeed and others don’t, but we made things analyzing all the factors and not by whim.”

He was also asked about the possibility of making rotations taking in mind that on next week the team is playing three liga matches in seven days, "We might see some changes, but not too many, especially from Monday to Thursday. Depending on the feelings after Monday’s game we will take a decision. It's not like the Copa; we must analyze the fatigue, the effort of the players... We have many players in all positions and a lot of equality. There’s more competition, in other years we had problems since we missed some specific players, now everything is more covered, even if we have casualties. "

Lotina didn’t answer a question about his plans of making changes at midfield, he just said that, ”The continuity is what gives you the confidence and the fact that makes the player grow up, but also the fair treatment that you must have with the team. You put the player in the games, and if we don’t allow it then it’s because he isn’t fine or because there’s somebody else in a better situation.”

Once again he was asked about the lack of goal at Deportivo, and once again the coach showed his confidence on his three attackers, ”We’ve very good forwards, but they need more options; I mean more arrivals. Maybe we don’t have a striker of 15 goals per season, but we have attackers that can offer other things.”

A reporter asked about the situation of Adrian and Riki, and the coach gave a long explanation about the role of both players at his squad, “We are playing with only one striker and that man is Adrian, no further explanations are needed. It´s true that last year Riki scored eight goals and that he is fit to play, but what I can’t do now is to play with Riki and tomorrow with Adrian. On Sunday he was going to enter, but couldn’t due the problems of Ruben (Pérez). It remains important for the team. I have a good relation with Adrian and a fantastic one with Riki. Riki is a guy with a big heart, you have to love him. If I would be making the lineups based in the heart, he would always play, but I have to make it thinking; my decisions are very calculated and there is always a reason. Adrian is a little more reference than Riki, although since my arrival Riki is always worried about playing well positioned. He never was a number nine, though he can play as a starter and make a good job.”

Finally, Lotina gave his opinion on Urreta, one of the surprises at this start of season, ”As a good Uruguayan he is competitive and has very good stuff, so he will improve; he still can play better because this is a new league for him and also it’s a new team for the player.”



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