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18 Sep 2010
It continues to call the attention the fact that Yves Desmarets appeared as a playmaker for the past game with Sevilla, especially since the French man was informed about his presence on the starting formation just minutes before the kick-off.

It seems that coach Miguel Angel Lotina is having doubts on who should be covering the playmaking function. For the debut against Real Zaragoza the role was for Michel, but as the Valencian got injured during the match the responsibility was passed to Juan Carlos Valerón. Depor barely created scoring opportunities and the 0-0 brought more frustrations than hopes.

Then Michel surpassed the knee injury that sidelined him for the meeting with Los Maños and it seemed that he was going to start against Sevilla at the Sánchez Pizjuán, but he was left out and even had to watch the game from the stands as Lotina had to discard one man before the kick-off.

In the end the role of the playmaker was for Yves Desmarets, and the French winger was the first surprised with the decision, as he confessed to Depor Sport, “I just got noticed before the game, it was during the previous speech of the coach before the game. It was then when he told me that I was going to be a starter. It was a big surprise for me, because I didn’t think I was going to play on that position. I even asked Michel for advice. Anyhow, what I want is to play, and if the coach wants me to perform as a playmaker, then I will do it.”

“It was a long time since I acted as a playmaker, but I felt fine; if we work hard and if I fell used to that position, then I can improve a lot. The coach tested me on that position during the week, and after the training session he told me that he liked how I was playing on that position. Anyhow it was a big surprise for me. Two years ago, in my previous team and when a player was missing, the coach was putting me as a playmaker and it happened two or three times.” He added.

Later, the ex-Guimaraes man confessed that he prefers to perform on the wings, “Personally, I like to play on the wing, especially on the left flank, but I am a professional player and the coach is the one that will tell me where I must play and how I can help the team.”

Asked about the reason why Desmarets was the playmaker during the game at the Sánchez Pizjuán, Lotina said on Wednesday that it was only an idea that he had before the match, "Desmarets can bring a lot of things acting as a playmaker, especially playing away from home. He’s smart, knows how to enter into the area, he has great stuff and you can count on him. You will see him scoring several goals at the end of the year. He can play there safely, rather than many players, and also at the sides, but we can’t compare him with others."

No matter the reason for this curious situation, it seems clear that Lotina has doubts on the playmaking position, role that supposedly was for Michel and Valerón. But it must be reminded that something similar occurred on the past season as the Basque man used Pablo Alvarez and Lassad on that function during some games, even the Tunisian performed there for some minutes against Sevilla. So, it will be interesting to know what will be the decision of the coach for the upcoming encounter against Getafe.



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