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25 Sep 2010
The game of Deportivo still not impressing the media, the papers emphasized the lack of punch in attack and reminded in a couple of opportunities that Depor’s only two goals on the season came from the penalty spot.

La Opinión A Coruńa: As a bully. A single goal from Nilmar, the top-scorer at Villarreal, was enough to cause Deportivo’s first defeat on the season. The Galician team deserved more, because it commanded the actions on the first half, but the Brazilian's goal left the team at the mercy of the locals, side that failed to sentence the match and that later found themselves against a Blanquiazul squad that was trying to control the actions, which meant to move the ball around the pitch, except at the striking zone, place where the yellow submarine clearly prevailed. Deportivo dominated, with the risk that the counterattacks could have sentenced the match. Deportivo was trying to reach the penalty area, but it lacked the usual and basic thing: punch. That fact that decides the games. Despite the numerous novelties. It's like the bullies, it threatens but it never strikes. Xosé Manuel Mallo

La Voz De Galicia: Back into the forest. At half-time, the statistics assured that Rubén Pérez had completed twenty passes. The one in charge of counting should have added the passes made during the warming. Because the last experiment at midfield didn’t grow with the presence of three men on the sector. Neither improved the show. It wasn’t even able to match the good level of the second half against Getafe. The team returned to the thicket of the matches against Zaragoza and Sevilla plus the first half with the Madrilenians. This time there was no revulsive. There was no respite for Desmarets on yesterday’s game. Although Depor improved after the break, but it had much to do with the momentary step back of Villarreal after taking the lead. The French winger started on the left side at El Madrigal, then he switched to the right for the second part.

Faultless in his sacrifice, Desmarets wanted to use his physical superiority on Angel and it caused distress in a couple of appearances within the first fifteen minutes. The three games in a week encouraged the coach to rotate and Saul also found a place at the starting lineup. But Capdevila won the game in attack against him and at defense he had to lend a hand to stop Cazorla, torture for another of the novelties: Laure, who didn’t improve what’s offered by Manuel Pablo.

The changes of the coach also opened the door to Juca and Juan Rodriguez, who completed with Rubén Pérez a trivote that should have nullified the powerful role of Villarreal’s midfield. However, the yellow submarine opted for quick transitions, barely blocked by los Blanquiazules. In attack, the Andalusian performed as a second striker to escort Adrian. But almost never he was steeping into the penalty area, despite been running throughout the match.

The Asturian striker had, once again, the confidence of Lotina (Riki was injured), but was disappeared on his island. A single shot on goal is a poor background on a team that just eluded the scoring drought from the penalty spot. Neither brought hope the fourth alternative in attack: Dioni, who had twenty minutes on the pitch, but at the time Villarreal was lord and master of the clash. Xurxo Fernández

Marca: A goal of Nilmar gave the victory to Villarreal over Deportivo. The Brazilian, who is now the top-scorer in the tournament, was a deadly dagger for a harmless Depor. At the other side, the Galicians continue to demonstrate problems creating scoring chances. The game was practically a solitaire game by Villarreal. Except in the first quarter of an hour, the attitude of Deportivo was the one of a team that gives too many facilities. Villarreal, which is not crippled, took the gift and displayed its game. It felt comfortable as a few times.

The first approximations were for the Galicians, who had in Desmarets as their more dangerous man. Lotina left Guardado on the bench to not charge him with so many games and the team noticed it. Los Blanquiazules are still facing difficulties to the reach the penalty area with danger. Four matchdays later, their only two goals have come from the penalty spot. Ramiro Aldunate

AS: Villarreal is designed to shine. And when its stars are all in a state of grace, then the glow is so spectacular that it ends up blinding its opponent. The Deportivo sawn at El Madrigal was a serious team, but still lacking a man to command the attack. A lot of combinative game, but little punch. A problem that besets Garrido’s team, but that has a superior quality, it arrives in waves of higher frequency, and in that way it isn’t surprising to see the victory going to the side of the team from Castellon. Javier Mínguez

El Periódico del Mediterráneo: Villarreal presents its best face and stands at Champions League. Villarreal improved its performance and gained credibility as a team. It didn’t show the brilliance of the game against Espanyol, among other things because the bar was set very high, but offered many important glimpses of its football. The dosage of effort was put on hold by Garrido. Now is the time to build a team and build self-esteem and confidence in their possibilities. So, on stage it was the same team that has won the last two league games and that has become into the usual lineup. And the overall balance is even higher despite the score was more short than the one achieved against Espanyol. Depor, a very difficult team to beat for its strength as a block, hardly disturbed Diego López. Villarreal showed a very different attitude and a higher rate. It never gave concessions in defence and offered a collective solidarity to retrieve the ball.

Only the narrow score became a potential danger, though it never passed from that point. Depor not even made tickles to Villarreal, side that had fluency in attack, although it missed that murderer spirit needed to consolidate the victory. And that taking in mind that Cazorla, Rossi, Nilmar and Capdevila himself tried from all the positions. However, despite the meager 1-0, Villarreal left a better taste on the mouth. With such reliability, it will be easier to win away from home. Yesterday it slept on the third place, in positions of direct access to the Champions League.  José Luis Lizarraga



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