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27 Sep 2010
Second straight defeat for a Deportivo that never showed the expected reaction wanted by Lotina; the Galicians allowed two early goals and later were unable to make anything against a rival that only needed order to secure the three points.

The main news at Deportivo was the debut of Knut Rindarřy wearing Depor’s shirt; the Norwegian was covering the left-back position as Morel was left out of the squad that faced the match. Lotina chose the classical 4-2-3-1 figure. Manu was at the goal, Manuel Pablo returned to the right and the defensive line was completed with Lopo and Colotto as the centre backs.

Another novelty was at midfield as Ruben Perez was the one joining Juan Rodriguez at midfield, therefore Antonio Tomas and Juca were on the bench, meanwhile Yves Desmarets appeared on the right wing, Guardado was at the left, Lassad was the playmaker and Adrian the central attacker.

At Almeria, coach Lillo chose to play with a 4-2-3-1 figure; Albert Crusat and Pablo Piatti were attacking by the wings, Miguel Angel García ‘Corona’ was the playmaker in the formation and the central attacker was Kalu Uche, this last one was a last-minute change as Henok Goitom was announced at first as the starting striker, this late modification was going to be important in the game.

One of the must unlucky first parts of Deportivo in recent times, curiously it reminds to the one had with the same Almeria three years ago; the Galicians started losing the game since the start through a stationary play and later suffered a second goal in a strange action inside the box. Then the team showed the same lack of punch in attack and even ended with ten men as Colotto was sent off. The true is that despite the attempts of Lotina to bring union inside the locker room in this game his team showed again  the same lack of cohesion in attack.

But the first scoring attempt was for the locals trough a long-distance shot of Juan Rodriguez that hit a rival and that later was stopped by Diego Alves (3’). The visitors responded with a shot of Crusat that hit Lopo and that later went to corner-kick, and Almeria surprised the Riazor as the Andalusians scored in the play of that corner-kick. Crusat sent a perfect cross from the left and Kalu Uche was too alone at the penalty box to score through  a downward header that went to the far post of Manu.

Depor didn’t lose the calm and was trying to have the ball possession, and soon it had two scoring opportunities; the first was for Adrian during a direct free-kick in which the striker missed the target (9’), and later the Asturian made a great play on the right ending releasing a short cross, Desmarets tried to shot on target, but his effort was blocked and then Lassad fired from the edge of the area and his attempt just went close to the far post of Alves.

Almeria responded with a good pass to Uche, who fired from the left side of the penalty area, but his drilling shot was stopped by Manu (12’). The goal brought confidence to Almeria, side that was feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch, while with the pass of the minutes Depor was having problems to have the ball and therefore to enjoy of scoring opportunities.

And then Almeria found the second goal in an unfortunate play for Deportivo; it was a drilling pass of Corona looking for Crusat at the left side of the box, Rindarřy was there and tried to clear the danger, but the ball hit the back of Crusat and then it chipped Manu to hit the crossbar, later Kalu Uche only needed a diving header inside the box to score his second goal in the game.

Now Deportivo was frozen; the Galicians were still trying to attack and reduce the distance in the scoresheet, but Lotina’s team never found the way to unlock the defensive wall of Almeria; and it’s that the first shot on target of the locals came until minute 32 as Ruben Perez released an easy shot that was stopped by Diego Alves.

One minute later Lotina sent Valerón to replace Desmarets, now Depor was playing with a 4-4-2 figure. But the entry of El Flaco didn’t change the picture within the remaining minutes of this half. At least Deportivo had its second great chance as a combination between Lassadand Guardado ended in a mid-distance shot of the Mexican that was cleared to corner-kick by Diego Alves. At minute 39 the locals reclaimed penalty after Carlos Garcia was holding Adrian in the box after a cross from Lassad.

And to make things worse, Depor was left with one man less as Diego Colotto was sent off after a foul at the edge of the area over Piatti. It was a counterattack of Almeria that was started after Ruben Perez lost the ball at midfield, then Piatti eluded Lopo and then was fouled by Colotto before facing Manu one-on-one.  Within the last minutes Juan Rodriguez joined Lopo at the centre of the defence.

The attitude of Deportivo changed a bit; the Galicians were trying to push forward for the goal, but the true is that the locals barely surpassed the deadlock of Almeria, and when it did it in a couple of opportunities Diego Alves was there to deny Deportivo.  Guardado and Lassad were the most active men for Lotina’s side on this half.

And the final part started with a weird change as Albert Lopo was replaced by Ze Castro; it seemed that the Catalan was injured. Lotina’s team played the half second half with a line of three defenders, with the Portuguese alone at the centre, though he was having the aids of Ruben Perez and Juan Rodriguez. Perhaps that was the only error of Almeria, because instead of trying to attack by the centre it preferred to insist with Piatti and Crusat on the wings, although it’s also true that these two men gave a lot of troubles to Rindarřy and Manuel Pablo.

 At minute 49 Valerón released a cross from the left that Lassad found inside the box, he was backwards the goal, so he turned off and released a drilling shot that was stopped by Alves.
Depor was trying to push for the first goal, with Valerón and Lassad switching positions, something that was opening some gaps at Almeria’s defence. At minute 54 one of those actions ended with a wide shot of the Tunisian from long-distance.

The script of the game was very clear: Depor was forced to run and push for the goals, but it was lacking clarity to enter into the area with the ball and instead it was attempting with long-distance shots, meanwhile the visitors were just holding at the back zone hoping to kill the game through a counterattack. And two plays in six minutes illustrated this situation. At minute 61, Ruben Perez tested from long-distance after a long ball possession of the locals, but again Diego Alves made a great save.  And at minute 67, Manu saved the third goal as a close-range shot of Juanmi Ortiz was cleared to corner-kick by Depor’s keeper, action that took place after a quick counterattack led by Crusat.

At minute 70, Guardado attempted from long-distance, but the shot was stopped by Diego Alves. Lassad was pretty active within the first fifteen minutes, but later the Mexican was the only one trying to score through mid and long-distance shots. Perhaps that’s why Lotina decided to replace Adrian, the Asturian was very participative, but at the same time erratic during his interventions. Dioni was the one that entered to the pitch.

But Fabril’s striker never enjoyed of a chance as Depor looked tired and frustrated within the final fifteen minutes, Lotina’s team seemed defeated as it stopped to run and, actually, Almeria was the one that had a great chance to score in the final minutes. It occurred at minute 86’ as Argentine Ulloa, who replaced Uche, attempted inside the box, then the rebound was found by Michel, but the defender missed the target when he was alone against the goal.

The downward spiral of Deportivo continues as the team was unable to surpass an Almeria that, despite having some good luck, it deserved the three points due to its best tactical approach. And it’s that the visitors only needed 19 minutes to claim a comfortable 2-0 advantage, then the Andalusians only needed to hold on at the back zone to secure a refreshing win for coach Lillo. Depor never showed cohesion in attack though Lotina tried everything to bring union inside the squad.

Now Deportivo is penultimate at Primera División, with just three points after five matchdays and is also the worst scorer with just two goals in favour. And to make things more complicated on next Sunday the team will visit the always though Santiago Bernabéu in order to face Real Madrid FC (21h00 CET).

Deportivo:  (4-2-3-1) Manu - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo (Ze Castro 46’), Rindarřy - Juan Rodríguez Rubén Pérez – Desmarets (Valerón 33’), Lassad, Guardado  - Adrián (Dioni 71’).
Almeria: (4-2-3-1) Diego Alves - Michel, Acasiete, Carlos García, Juanma Ortiz - M'Bami, Bernardello – Crusat (Valeri 84’), Corona, Piatti (Ortiz 90’) – Uche (Ulloa 61’).
Goals: 0-1: (4’) Uche, 0-2: (19’) Uche
Referee: José Luis González González. He showed yellow card to M’Bami (8’), Adrian (44’), Corona (63’) and Ze Castro (89’). Colotto was sent off (42’)
Venue: Riazor (14,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (48% - 52%); Total shots (15 - 15); Shots on target (7 - 6); Saves by the keepers (4 - 7); Corner-kicks  (5 - 6); Offsides (0 - 9); Fouls committed (20 - 11); Accuracy in the passes (85.60% - 82.85%)



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