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28 Sep 2010
Disappointment and huge criticism towards Deportivo and Lotina; that was the reaction of the papers after the unexpected defeat against Almeria. The major part of the opinions points to Lotina as the responsible for the debacle.

La Opinión A Coruña: Gone in twenty minutes. The game was decided in twenty minutes. The two early goals of Almeria affected Deportivo. Against such a situation, the Galician team was left, practically, without a reaction. And then the expulsion of Colotto meant the match was virtually sentenced. In the second part it was more of the same against an Almeria that, without doing anything out of this world, could have scored more goals. Lotina risked keeping only three defenders, but actually Deportivo rarely created scoring opportunities. With the entry of Valerón the team improved somewhat, but except for a few isolated shots, especially by Ruben and Guardado, the team barely disturbed the rival. The present situation is not easy, especially taking into account that the next game is at the Santiago Bernabéu. The team has been struck and nobody doubts that it is a very complicated moment. The good news is that this has just started and there’s time to get around this. Deportivo has already shown that it knows how to get out of these situations. Manolo Corredoira

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo is paying a bill for Lotina’s enthusiasm as he has always said positive things of his team on this season. His insistence, perhaps excessive, on how much he likes his team has generated expectations in the fans, who are now feeling disappointed. Being in relegation after the fifth match continues to be a nasty story, but the bad thing are the feelings that have being transmitted from almost all the sections of the club.

Riazor still witnessing low attendances, despite the public attending to the meetings is well above the players. Adrian fails day after day. Lassad still scoreless and the engine room isn’t generating game. To make matters worse, yesterday the defensive line broke its solidity with a painfully goal after a corner-kick and an accident  resulted from a failure of Rindaroy

Then we have the injuries. Aranzubia’s case should be for one week, Michel will miss from four to six months because of his strange injury. Urreta, Riki, Juan Dominguez, Pablo Alvarez, now the problems of Lopo... The injury room is a drama for Depor. Or the players are of poor genetic quality, or Lotina and his team has squeezed too much, or those responsible for the recovery, diagnosis and treatment of injuries go through a bad moment, or simply bad luck is primed with Depor. Or things change from now, or an unpleasant anecdote can become into something else. Fernando Hidalgo.

La Voz De Galicia: The wardrobe fails to Lotina. Five games, three draws and two defeats, two goals scored (both from the penalty spot) and the team in relegation. The unmistakable aroma of the crisis, a disturbing tunnel. Deportivo has gotten into a mess of huge proportions, in a dark tunnel in which no one seems willing to put the light. Neither Lotina, who plays the Russian roulette with each one of his decisions. Questionable or not, the Basque coach is suffering the consequences of giving an starting role gave to Adrian, the substitutive role, until his injury, of Riki, the position of Juan Rodriguez or Desmarets as the playmaker in the formation, the secondary role for Valerón... or the continuous positive comments for a squad that was completed at zero-cost, with loaned players or men without experience at Primera.

Yesterday the Galician team had the opportunity to fix its discreet start in liga through a victory, making the three previous draws a lesser evil. Among other reasons, because Almeria was a tinderbox, a team under pressure and with a wide gap between the coaching staff and the management. In other words a candy. But Uche only needed four minutes to question a defense that rarely gave so many facilities in a corner-kick. A quarter hour later, the stranger Rindarøy chose to clear a ball through the only choice that expert Morel would have despised. Two gifts that an Almeria in crisis didn’t waste.

This Depor isn’t working. The exciting squad of Lotina, in his words, isn’t responding. Or the coach can’t find the solutions. The coach has needed five meetings to use 22 players. And he’s missing the injured Aranzubia, Juan Dominguez and Pablo Álvarez. And the wardrobe? Within a month, Lotina has lost Michel, Riki and Urreta for three or four weeks, and Aranzubia and Juan Dominguez had not yet debuted. Sergio and Filipe are gone, Manuel Pablo is a year older, and Lopo and Juan Rodriguez are in their final year of contract. The solutions, if there’s any, were in yesterday’s list of picked players. José M. Fernández

Xornal de Galicia: Valerón makes magic, not miracles. The drama of relegation has been installed at the Riazor without warning, or, at least, almost no one expected it. Five matchdays, three draws, two defeats and a soulless team invites to anything, except to optimism. Although yesterday was a sunny afternoon, the clouds suddenly darkened the Riazor as they drove away, at least for now, from Almeria

The final result was already reflected in the scoresheet by half-time, and then, when the fans were more desperate, Lotina called Valerón and put him at the feet of the horses. Logically, the entry of Valerón, allowed the team to have more ball possession (which makes sense since Almeria no longer needed it), but it didn’t change anything. And nobody was surprised. Everybody at the Riazor, except Miguel Angel Lotina, knew that the Canarian can do magic at the pitch, but no miracles.

Therefore the entry of Valerón only served to anger the fans and touch Desmarets in his pride, who left the pitch comforted by Guardado as he headed into the bench. Since that point a simulated game was played, one in which Colotto was sent off and Deportivo played the second part with only one central defender, and it’s that Ze Castro replaced Lopo at half-time. Depor had a few occasions, but Almeria simply let the minutes pass as Lotina gave to Dioni the dubious prize of minutes. And Depor sinks into relegation. Omar Bello.

AS Lillo’s head was played yesterday on his visit to the Riazor, and it was head of a player, Kalu Uche, who appeared to slow the guillotine. In four minutes the Nigerian had already opened the veins of a weak Depor that failed to pieces. At the 18’ the coach was breathing quietly after Uche hunted the ball that hit the crossbar first after the clearance of debutant Rindarøy. After four games sweating blood, Lillo enjoyed football thanks to the success of Uche, interestingly, a player who until yesterday had not enjoyed of a place in the starting eleven.

The blow is now for Depor, side that returns to relegation three years later, it was brutal. A Lotina under fire due to his rotations, allowed the entry of Valerón after 33 minutes in search of a new system and the magic of the Canarian. The wings were a hall of suffering for the Galicians, because Crusat and Piatti were enjoying over there. Thus, the decision was to replace Desmarets and play with a 4-3-3, but the move had little effect. Just nine minutes after the entry of El Flaco, Colotto saw the red card. The expulsion can be discussed, but not its effects: virtually it ended the game.

The torment of Deportivo seemed endless as Lopo, injured, was replaced at halftime. Then Ze Castro, Manuel Pablo and Rindarøy composed a kamikaze defense of three men. Almeria, with Ortiz, Piatti and Crusat enjoyed with so many free spaces, but no more blood was needed, because it simply it wasn’t necessary.

To read the game from the early goal, may be worth, also to do it from the expulsion of Colotto, but the reality is that Almeria came to A Coruña with an almost sentenced Lillo, full of nerves and doubts, and was infinitely superior to Depor, individually and collectively. To think the Galicians get lost in the tactical scheme of Lotina is a no sense, because they have been playing like this for almost two years. The explanation must be sought in the individual quality and desire. Ruben Perez, a kid that only has two days at Primera, was ten steps above the rest. The Blanquiazul defense was a loophole, the creativity almost zero, and Adrian, who has created almost half a chance in five games, again left the impression that Lendoiro’s idea in not signing a striker can be very expensive. Luis De La Cruz

La Voz de Almeria: Kalu Uche saves Lillo.... for now. The return of savior Kalu Uche completed one of these big games we are used from time to time. He was great and was the man of the match at the Riazor. His goals are worth, besides three points, to see the team clinching its first win of the season, situation that saved the head to Lillo, who arrived to La Coruña highly criticized after clinching four straight games without a win.

The coach played for his life, but the players showed on the grass of the Riazor that the important thing was not to look good, just the opposite. Almeria’s both goals were celebrated with the coach. The Nigerian striker, when he scored, went to hug him, proving that he is with him until the end. It was the picture of the match.



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