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29 Sep 2010
It’s evident that coach Miguel Angel Lotina is losing popularity among the fans and the media; the bad results and the incomprehensible changes of speech are ending with everybody’s patience; however Lendoiro is not thinking in firing him.

As the bad results in liga are striking Deportivo the popularity of Lotina falls by leaps and bounds; and it’s that the Galician team is not achieving positive results since the start of last year’s second round. Besides, people is getting tired of the same old speech from the coach asking for patience and saying that he is “content” with the performance of a powerless team that currently is the worst Primera club in terms of points added during the year 2010.

Another thing that’s frustrating the fans are the weird changes of speech from the coach, because he says one thing and two weeks later he is talking of a very different scenario; as example the fact that at the beginning of September he was encouraging to think of Europe, and after Sunday’s painful defeat with Almeria he was saying that, "It is going to be a difficult year; we must be prepared.” Or his words on Ruben Castro after discarding the striker on the previous three seasons.

On Sunday it was evident that people is getting impatient as the team, and mainly the coach, was constantly whistled during the 0-2 loss at home, the biggest protest occurred at minute 33 as Desmarets was replaced by Valerón, because the move was never understood by the public, just like the major part of the tactics of the Basque man. Lotina has been also questioned for using some players in some specific positions, like the appearance of Juan Rodriguez as a left winger, Desmarets as a playmaker or Adrian as a central attacker.

Even the media is starting to lose its patience, on Monday the major part of the Galician and national papers were writing something against the ex-Celta coach, even website Eldepor.com is collecting firms as a way to push for his destitution. To make things worse Lotina already started to have some frictions with reporters.

As on Saturday, when he was giving the press conference previously to the match with Almeria, a journalist suggested that the players were demanding a bigger presence of Valerón in the games, a question that angered the coach, mainly because it was made by a journalist of Depor Sport, the official paper of the club.

According to the report the Basque man answered that, "The players are interested in them and in the team, not on who plays or who is signed. I've never been told that someone in specific should play. During Friday’s meeting several players spoke, including Valerón, because sometimes from the stands the spectator has a different perspective. We talked about what is wrong and Valerón spoke because he wants to add things. There was no demand. Valerón is a gentleman and will play when he has to play. " Later he left the press room upset and without saying anything else.

And a suspicious thing for many reporters is that Valerón was part of the list that faced the game with Almeria, even entering as replacement during the first half. Another fact that calls the attention is that the Basque man was trying to encourage the union between the group as he took a series of measures on the past week, including a concentration since Saturday’s evening, and it never worked out as the team didn’t show any reaction in the last liga match, which invites to think that the coach is losing influence among the players.

However, it isn’t the first time in which Lotina faces a similar scenario at Deportivo, because three years ago it was the same as Depor spent the major part of the first round in relegation, he even faced problems inside the changing room with the fight between Munúa and Aouate, while he also had a confrontation with a radio (Radio Cadena Ser) due to the conflict with the goalkeepers.

Despite all the doubts and the criticism towards the coach it must be said that Lotina has a powerful ally inside of Deportivo: president Augusto César Lendoiro. And it’s that Depor’s boss is an old fox that isn’t scared at the first signs of danger, actually since the last promotion to Primera (1991/92) only three coaches were fired at the middle of one season: Marco Antonio Boronat (1991/92), John Benjamin Toshack (1996/97) and Carlos Alberto Silva /1997/98).

And to remember that on the season 2008/09 everybody was pointing to the door out as the team started the second round in relegation, but Lendoiro said no and Lotina stayed to lead the team into an impressive reaction that even took the team into the Intertoto Cup. Maybe this time Lendoiro isn’t expecting the same kind of “miracle”, but at least he will surely wait a couple of months in order to see what happens.



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