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29 Sep 2010
The squad was resting on Tuesday, but Lotina used to occasion to talk at Radio Marca; once again he was asking for patience and at the same time surprised everyone with his declarations on Ruben Castro.

Miguel Angel Lotina was interviewed on Tuesday by Radio Marca, this after his team suffered on Sunday a second straight defeat that left Deportivo at the penultimate place in liga, something that it worrying the fans of the Blanquiazul squad.

And the coach was trying to transmit a message of calmness, “We are paying the price for the history of Deportivo, a beautiful story in which we won a League and almost won some more. We know that it is going to cost us a few years and the price can be expensive, the key is that the team remains at Primera, so we could adjust the budget. These are difficult years, but within that limit I am happy with the squad. There are seven new signings at zero-cost, and I can’t ask the president for more, because the situation is what it is. That we are going to suffer? Sure. But we can move forward if we are all united.”

"Last year and the year before we were in a similar situation; we started well and we got carried away, but the situation was as troubling on the pre-season as it is now. Since things are now more complicated we need to be a little closer, working harder... the president is concerned, but he knows that the union is the key to exit this type of situation. " He added

But what called the attention was the fact that Lotina assured that he would have loved to keep Ruben Castro, striker that was transferred after been discarded by the Basque man in the previous three seasons, “Surely, in this situation I would have stayed with Ruben, but at the moment there was the possibility of a transfer to Betis and we were convinced to sign a new striker, besides we needed the empty spot, so I made that decision.”

Finally, Depor’s coach assured that his team is able to give the surprise at the Santiago Bernabéu, but that first it must believe on his chances, "The most important thing in order to have a chance against a big team is convincing. If I'm convinced then I can convince my players, and that's my job. Right now the situation is more psychological than to prepare the match in a tactical sense, we must focus ourselves in going out convinced of our chances. "



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