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01 Oct 2010
Lopo and Colotto are the leading voice at defence; their combined work is one of the reasons why the defensive line of Deportivo is considered as one of the best in la liga. Now the partnership is broken ahead of the clash at the Bernabéu

The current Deportivo is the Primera team that has made more changes to the lineups, and it’s that after five games Lotina already used twenty-three players (only Pablo Alvarez, Juan Dominguez and Aranzubia hasn’t debuted on the season). However, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the centre of the defence.

And it’s that, despite the recent results, Albert Lopo and Diego Colotto are considered as the leaders of a defensive line that has been praised by his secureness. Both men have the same capacity to defend and are a dominating force in the aerial game. Colotto joined Depor two seasons ago, but it was until the past campaign that Lotina started to use this combination as his starting couple in la liga.

All begun for the visit to CD Xérez on matchday 04 of the past season, Depor was arriving after suffering two defeats in three matches, at the time Ze Castro was the normal partner of Lopo, but the entry of Colotto taking the spot of the Portuguese defender was one of the reasons why the team improved and since then the team has disputed 40 liga encounters and in 30 opportunities the couple at the centre of the defence was composed by Lopo and Colotto.

To mention that in only two opportunities Lotina was forced to modify the couple due to injuries and suspensions, the other eight were ‘experiments’ at the end of the past season  as Depor was playing for nothing at this stage of the competition. It was the time when the coach decided to give a chance to the other central defenders, reason why it was possible to see different combinations that included Adrian López ‘Piscu’, Ze Castro and even Fabril’s David Rochela.

But both men returned to lead the defence on this season as they were the starters in the first five matches; now Lotina is forced to make a change as Colotto was sent off against UD Almeria. Which means that Ze Castro will have the chance to revert the situation of the past season as Colotto took his place when the team was living a delicate moment. The Portuguese hopes to claim the spot and help the team to find its way on the liga season.

The existence of a solid couple at the centre of the defence can be considered as a ‘tradition’ at Deportivo, and it’s that the Galicians have enjoyed of great couples since the 1970’s, starting with the combination Carlos Ballesta - Ramón Piña when Depor was at Segunda, and continuing  with the couple Donato-Naybet (134 games playing together in seven seasons, a record at the club), plus the combinations between Voro-Djukic, Djukic-Ribera and Voro-Ribera, without forgetting the duo Andrade-Coloccini.



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