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02 Oct 2010
September's RCDLC.com Peña Player of the month award goes to <b>Guardado</b>; in what has been a dark month for Depor.

One 0-0 draw, a 2-2 draw and two losses don’t make good reading for Deportivo in the month of September. The majority of the performances were also rated as ‘poor’ by Peña member’s as well, so it can be considered that Depor is continuing its bad run from last season. In truth, including games from the past campaign, Depor is still searching for its first victory in 18 games – but enough of the negative stats.
Andres Guardado has been the shining light in this dark month for Depor. It was he and two defensive players, Ruben Perez & Manu, who were the main contenders this month, with the Mexican clinching the award thanks to a man of the match award for the last game against Almeria.

During the month, Guardado won two man of the match awards (MOM). The first came against Getafe, to which Guardado scored two penalties. Guardado was the driving force in the match for Depor, and it was his corner which led to the eventual handball of Marcano, and first subsequent penalty. The second MOM came against Almeria, as mentioned previously. It was bad match for Depor, but Guardado’s efforts were not unnoticed by Depor fans. Many members of the forum complimented his performance saying ‘…. he did not stop running the whole game’ (Ricardo, Forum member). However, with such a bad performance of the team another member mentioned ‘he was alone and one hand doesn't clap(Depooor, Forum member).

The overall performance of Depor on this season has come in for a lot of criticism, with a lot forum members calling for Lotina’s head. Individually however, the top three players: Manu, Ruben Perez and Guardado, have done themselves proud. Ruben Perez has proven to be a worthy signing so far, and if it wasn’t for his mistake against Almeria, he could well have been the winner this month. As it stands, Guardado is the deserving winner, in a month which has left us feeling rather glum. Roll October, first stop: Real Madrid. Oh dear.

The new rating system at RCDLC.com brings some novelties for the season 2010/11, starting with the fact that the Peña members can now rate the collective performance of the team (collective note), which means to multiply the points gained by the first three places; plus the option to reward or punish any player with an extra point for a specific reasons. These two novelties make more accurate the system.

Ratings on the month:

At Sevilla (Liga - 12/9/10)
1st. Manu - 10 pts (53)
2nd. Ruben - 6 pts (22)
3rd. Colotto - 2 pts (10)
PB: Morel - 1 pt.
Collective Note: 2 (Medium) 

Vs Getafe (20/9/10)
1st. Guardado - 10 pts (41)
2nd. Desmarets - 6 pts (35)
3rd. Ruben Perez - (2 pts) (19)
PB: Lassad - 1 pt.

At Villarreal (23/9/10)
1st. Colotto - 5 pts (19)
2nd. Laure - 3 pts (15)
3rd. Ruben Perez - 1 pts (11)
Collective Note: 1 (Poor)

Vs Almeria (26/9/10)
1st. Guardado -5 pts (16)
2nd. Lassad - 3 pts (12)
3rd. Ruben Perez - 1 pt (6)
Collective Note: -

Overall Table
1st. Guardado - 15 pts 
2nd. Manu & Ruben Perez - 10 pts
3rd. Colotto - 8 pts
4th. Desma - 6 pts
5th. Urreta - 5 pts
6th. Lassad - 4 pts
7th. Tomas - 3 pts
7th. Laure - 3 pts
8th. Morel - 1 pt.




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