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03 Oct 2010
Deportivo meets Mourinho again after the Champions League era; Depor’s coach said that the key is to score a goal, while Real Madrid’s manager is not worried for the lack of punch at his team.

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho is probably the most popular coach in today’s football; he is the son of Portuguese goalkeeper José Félix Mourinho, After spells working as an assistant manager and a youth team coach in the early 1990s, he became an interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson. There, Mourinho learnt much from the veteran coach and worked with him at Sporting Clube de Portugal and FC Porto in Portugal, before following him to Spanish club FC Barcelona.

He began focusing on coaching and impressed with brief but successful managerial periods at Sport Lisboa e Benfica and União de Leiria. He returned to FC Porto in 2002, this time as head coach, and soon became a force to be reckoned with, winning the Portuguese Liga, Cup of Portugal, and UEFA Cup in 2003. Since then his career has been impressive as he achieved two UEFA Champions Leagues, two FA Premier Leagues, two England League Cups, one FA Cup, two Series A titles and one Copa Italia.

On 28 May 2010, it was confirmed that Mourinho would take over from Manuel Pellegriniat Real Madrid. On 31 May 2010, Mourinho was unveiled as the new manager of Real Madrid after signing a four-year deal at the club, and became the 11th coach in the past seven years at the Bernabéu. This is his first confrontation against Miguel Angel Lotina, but the Portuguese man already faced Deportivo as his Porto eliminated the Galicians in the semifinals of the 2003/04 edition of the Champions League

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday, he said that the key to face Real Madrid is to at least score a goal, “We understand that a goalless draw will not happen; it is impossible because Real Madrid always scores a goal, and if we go out for this result (0-0), then we will lose. We must at least score a goal. If not, then it will be like been swimming throughout the game to end dying at the border."

The Basque man was also blaming the injuries for the poor moment lived by his team, "When things go wrong, it seems that there are doubts on the players. We still have to adjust things. We started with the idea that Michel was the playmaker, but he is out; also that Urreta was going to play on the right and he is out too, that Riki was a major player for us, but is out. And of course we have to find solutions for that situation."

A thing that called the attention was that Lotina said that it will be the classical 4-2-3-1 scheme despite that he is using three pivotes at the Bernabéu, “The draw isn’t changing, it stills a 4-2-3-1. The players have some clear concepts and let’s see if we can apply them tomorrow.”

Later the ex-Celta man was denying that Real Madrid is having problems to score the goals, "Madrid has made great signings, and it has some tremendous players. It's a tremendous squad. When a team doesn’t score the goals it’s because it has no definition and because it isn’t creating scoring opportunities. But Real Madrid is generating those opportunities and it has great players.”

Finally, he was defending the current work of José Mourinho, “We must respect the decisions. If a coach deciding one thing is because he´s convinced that’s the best for the group. I don’t know how I would react in his situation. It's hard to talk because I am not at Real Madrid. I think it's his way of being. He feels comfortable, tries to take the responsibility and removes all pressure. Mourinho has won everything. I understand that you can criticize Madrid for its game, but we, the coaches, have to respect him, because he won leagues and Copas. He has won everything and with that record deserves the utmost respect as a coach.”

Real Madrid’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s evening; he started explained why Cristiano Ronaldo is considered as an untouchable piece in the lineups, “Players make themselves untouchable as they work during the week and during the games. Right now, he’s untouchable because he works as anyone. Soon he will score. In a time when we are building up a team we must maintain the fundamental principles and he represents all those principles.”

Asked about why he was talking of a team under construction, Mourinho said that, “And I will do it for five or ten months, even a year or two. Teams are always evolving. I'm happy with the response on this first phase. And if we had scored a goal in the matches that were goalless games, and we had enough chances to do so, then we would be speaking of five wins in five games in liga plus two in the Champions League. You talk of crisis to score the goals and I understand it. Players must also have peace of mind to understand. Now there are more important things. There are bases to be established and are more transcendent than the tactical and the technical stuff, and the squad must know that his coach is with the players.”

Later the ‘special one’, in his style, was explaining that there was no ban over the media during Thursday and Friday, “I thought this would be the first question. In September I allowed the press to see five full training, i.e. 450 minutes. And journalists watched 15 minutes for another ten trainings. I mean, 150 minutes. In total, 600 minutes, ten hours for free. In addition there were 16 press conferences, seven mine and other of Casillas, Cristiano, Higuain, Xabi Alonso, Granero, Khedira, Carvalho, Arbeloa and Benzema. And six more I gave after the games. Plus more declarations at the press zones. This week they've saying that I imposed the silence, but you have seen interviews, press conferences or events with me and Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos and Pepe. Tell me what team in the world does this?. Madrid is fantastic and I want to keep it that way. It is far from my intention to separate the team from the media.”

Asked about the absence of Pedro León, he laughed for a few seconds and then said, “No comments.” And the ex-Porto man was more open when he talked of Deportivo, “For me it's just one more rival. I do not see it as an inferior team to those who already have eight, nine or ten points. They aren’t a team to be in relegation. It will end climbing positions and eventually it will end quietly.”



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