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05 Oct 2010
There was no ruthless criticism towards Lotina at the Galician papers, though the comments were negative. All the papers agree that Deportivo is lacking strength at defence and effectiveness in attack, also that the team deserves to be the last place in la liga.

Xornal De Galicia: Deportivo can only applaud. In football it is said that there is no small rival, but on this season Deportivo is endeavoring to be the exception to that rule. Yesterday it demonstrated this at the Bernabéu, the scenario in which it was humiliated by a Real Madrid that won as they wanted (6-1).

No one disputes the superiority of the local team, neither that the normal thing in yesterday's meeting was to see Depor going out defeated. But there are ways to lose. And the most embarrassing one was exactly what Depor chose. A broken team, no soul, no punch, no football, with absolutely nothing to offer to the fans, they are now desperate and beginning to fear the worst. Some are already assimilating the idea that this team could end playing at the Riazor at noon, regular schedule for the main match at Segunda. It may be precipitated to say this and can even sound like an exaggeration after losing at the Bernabéu, but it is a painful reality. The problem is not to have lost yesterday’s game, or even to be the bottom team at Primera for at least fifteen days. The really serious problem is that the team transmits clear signs of exhaustion and lack of resources to play football.  Omar Bello

La Opinión A Coruña: Lost since the beginning. Deportivo went out with very little tension, which is deadly in a pitch like the Santiago Bernabéu. This allowed Real Madrid to score since the opening moments and thereafter it was a cakewalk for Mourinho's team, side that controlled the ball and created chances to score almost unopposed. If to the facilities in defence we add the offensive ineffectiveness, then Depor can easily be thrashed as it happened last night. Tactically the draw radically changed after the play of the 1-0. The first goal conditioned the whole match. Guardado tried to do something. It was the only one that can be saved from the fire, and Adrian too for that move that ended with the goal from Juan Rodriguez. The conclusion is that in order to play against teams like Real Madrid you need to go out with a little more aggressiveness. It seems that the team went out with the feeling of having almost lost the game in advance and after the 1-0 it surrendered. If we continue in this line, then surely it is going to be a long season for Deportivo. Javier Bardanca

AS: Deportivo is at the bottom with justice. Depor is the last place in the table for the first time in 37 years, and for the things seen yesterday I must say that in all fairness. It was a shadow of a real team, as black as the shirt it wore at the Bernabéu. Lassad's move, alone against Casillas at the first minute of the second half, was grotesque, Ze Castro’s own goal a tragicomedy. But the worst aren’t the punctual errors, it’s that Lotina’s men were again a wobbly team at back zone and harmless in attack, a team living on the field with long and safe possessions that can only fool the blind who love statistics.

Now Deportivo is a team without an identity. That fame of rock in defence was removed in a week as a house of cards. Cristiano scored in a corner-kick after three minutes, and seven days ago Uche did the same at the Riazor in just four. If this team fails in the strategy and in the desire to bite, then forget it. Lotina said before the game that the 0-0 was impossible; at least he guessed something right. Everybody knew that the defining players of Real Madrid could appear at any time, and well they did it. The coach also warned that Depor had to go out to scare, and it did it: it frightened itself. Luis De La Cruz

Marca: Mourinho and the Bernabéu ended with a smile from ear to ear. No wonder. The best Real Madrid of the season destroyed Deportivo, the victim of a whirlwind of football and goals led by a team that spoke on the field. It was a monologue that hooked the fans. Madrid reflected on the pitch what was written on the book of Mou, a book in which three fundamental principles are underlined: work, discipline and solidarity. The white team was a team in every sense of the word, a senior team. Madrid was more united than ever and everything was easier looking up and thinking about the partner. Associations were a wonderful success.

The spectacle of the press conference was moved to the pitch, place where Madrid spoke, yelled and dazzled people. Deportivo had enough listening and asking for mercy. The big score was a scandal, but it could be much worse for Lotina’s men. Real Madrid woke up with the initial whistle and the notice of the scoresheet that Barcelona was only adding a draw. Los Merengues were in a hurry and everything was fast, very fast. In four minutes they dusted off a gun shot that ended with the enemy. Delfin Melero



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