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17 Apr 2006
Lately one of the mains worries for the club's officials are the renovations of the Fabril's youngsters, specially those who have played with the first team during the present season. The club has maintained conversations with Iago and Xisco although their renewals aren't a fact yet. Iv??n Carril is another player that could experience some changes in his status for the next season.

The most delicate case is Iago, the Galician youngster has played 430 minutes in seven games and his contract expires in June, the club's officials are negotiating a new deal and the same Iago has expressed his intention of signing a new contract. Caparr??s said on the past week that he will be very happy to see Iago signing an extension.

Iv??n Carril is another player that could experience some changes for the next season. Lendoiro signed a prolongation in Carril's contract during the past summer, the Fabril's youngster in now linked with Depor until 2010, but his continuos participation with the first squad could gain him a spot in next season's first team. He has been out of Caparr??s' lists during the last matches, but this could be explain since his participation with Fabril is considered as a vital one. So far Carril has played 247 minutes during eight games in Primera. If he plays two more games, the club will be obligated to give him a spot in the first squad.

The last negotiation that the club's officials have started is with Xisco, the Mallorca-born striker ends his contract with Depor until 2009, but Lendoiro wants to increase it in one more year in order to have under contract both Iv??n Carril and Xisco until the year 2010. For the moment the negotiations haven't reached an agreement, the club will wait until Fabril ends their participation in the playoffs in order to restart the negotiation. So far Xisco has played 138 minutes in 8 games with the first squad.

The club's officials are also busy trying to close the incorporation of new players, sportpaper AS wrote yesterday that Juan Carlos Ver??n, ex-Depor player and friend of Lendoiro will arrive to La Coru?a in the present week. Ver??n is the agent of Fernando Belluschi, one of the players that have been linked with Depor in the last months.

Belluschi is a right winger that's making a good impression playing with Newell's Old Boys in Argentina, part of his rights are owned by Boca Juniors and the Argentinean media believes that the Xeneize club is interested in acquiring the other part of Belluschi's rights. But Ver??n wants a European destination for the player and the first contacts have been maintained with Deportivo. It has been speculated that the target prize is €5 million.

Another name that has appeared in the headlines is Alexis Ruano Delgado (20), with M??laga almost in Segunda, Lendoiro is trying to search for their main players, the central defender is a young promise that could join Juan Rodr?guez in his possible arrival to La Coru?a. The possible exits of C?sar and Pablo Amo are leaving a couple of spots in the squad, the arrivals of Lopo and Alexis could be the solution to this situation. Newspaper La Voz de Galicia speculates that M??laga could be asking €3 million for Alexis' transfer.

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