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08 Oct 2010
Midfielder Juan Rodriguez believes that Depor isnít the worst team in la liga, an idea that was expressed before by Lotina after the 1-6 loss with Real Madrid. The Andalusian also appoints to the game against Osasuna as a key match for his team

Only a few players talked after the defeat against Real Madrid, which can be considered normal due to the heavy score. Now it seems that Deporís players are starting to regain the confidence as they are willing to change the course after the poor start in liga.

Juan Rodriguez is among the first ones to react as he gave an interview to Radio Cadena Cope; it called the attention the fact that the midfielder refused the words of Lotina as he said on Sunday that Depor is the worst team in la liga. "I donít agree with the coach. I donít think we're the worst team in la liga, but even if I thought it, I would not say it in life, because that means to disqualify ourselves before the other teams. "

"I believe that at Primera Divisiůn there are worse teams than us, and our obligation is to demonstrate it on the pitch, starting with the next match against Osasuna. We have only played six matchdays in liga, and still donīt know which one is our style. Last year it is possible that we played some games in which we werenít too good, but we always knew what to do. This season it isnít like that." He added

The Andalusian is conscious that next game against Osasuna is extremely important and that itís time to achieve the first victory on the season, "If we donít win that game, then we'll feel screwed. We have to think of the victory, and I'm sure that if we get it, then we are going to leave the relegation zone, because la liga is very tight and a single victory is very important, and I think we would take a leap of faith.Ē
Finally, he was explaining the state of the negotiations for his renewal, "I know that at the end of last season there was some contact between the club and my agent in order to renew, but nothing was concreted. Since then, my agent, who runs the case, didnít say anything again, so I guess there has been no news about it."



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