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08 Oct 2010
Positive point for Deportivo B in the middle of a hurricane; and it’s that the weather conditions affected both teams. There were some novelties in the starting formation, but what wasn’t new was to see Dioni scoring a goal.

Coach Tito Ramallo was still having the casualty of Andre Andre for injury reasons, but the main casualty was David Añon, player that was sent off in the previous game and that has been the most dangerous man in this start of season. At least Ramallo was recovering striker Dioni and keeper Felipe Ramos. In the end the coach chose the classical 4-2-3-1, though with some novelties with the names of some players. Diego Rivas stayed at the goal, while his defensive line was composed by Diego Seoane at the right, Stopira on the left and the duo Rochela-Insua at the centre.

At midfield, Dani and Héctor were the two pivotes, while one of the surprises on the lineup was to see Richi acting as a playmaker; he was used to perform as a left winger at Juvenil A, and in Fabril he has been used as a central midfielder. Meanwhile, Dioni was the right winger, Chirri attacked form the left and Joshua Corrales was the central striker.

The rival was Vigo-based club Coruxo CF; its main attacker is left winger David Pérez García, who was a starter against Depor B. To mention that the game was played at O Vao, a stadium located in the middle of a forest in Vigo; the strong wind and the heavy rain were factors that influenced throughout the game, actually both teams had big problems to arrive to the pitch due to the stormy weather affecting Galicia during the weekend.

Clearly the game had two different phases; a first half in which both teams were really cautious, and a second in which there were a lot of scoring opportunities. Perhaps both Galician sides were feeling uncomfortable due to the weather conditions; maybe it was the reason that explains why the first part was so boring and the second so exciting.

No matter the reason why, the true is that there were only three scoring opportunities during the first part, the first was a dangerous cross of Chirri cleared by local keeper Jorge Pérez (15’), then Coruxo responded with a strong shot from long-range cleared by Diego Rivas (23’) and the most dangerous opportunity was a powerful shot from the edge of the area made by Chirri that hit the left post (42’).

The rest of the first half was boring; with two teams facing big problems to reach the opposite area and even to make three straight passes. But the game was more entertaining since the start of the second half. First Richi found a rebound at the edge of the area, the midfielder tried to score with a drilling shot that just passed close to the far post (46’). The response of Coruxo came with the other Richi in the game, the midfielder of the locals, who headed the ball at the penalty spot after a long cross, but the ball went directly to the centre, just where Diego Rivas was standing (49’).

Fabril responded and in the next play a great pass of Chirri left Dioni alone inside the area, but the drilling shot of the striker was slowed by the water on the pitch and was later stopped by the local keeper. And at minute 55 the locals hit the post; it was a free-kick from the right in which midfielder Victor Besada was searching for a header inside the box, but nobody touched the ball and turned into a dangerous cross that hit the far post of Diego Rivas, then defender David Campos attempted from close-range and Fabril’s keeper made the save.

Then Joshua won the ball at the edge of the area and fired from the right corner, but the ball went out (57’). And the key minute was the 64’, Richi from Coruxo attempted from mid-distance with a dangerous volley that was saved by Diego Rivas, and the counterattack ended in the lonely goal for the visitors as Dioni and Joshua combined until the Andalusian striker eluded two rivals to end shooting from the edge of the area, the ball went to the far post and ended at the back of the net. It is the fourth goal for him on the liga season.

Coruxo was lost after the goal, but it was lucky enough to find a quick equalizer. And it’s that the goal for the locals only lasted four minutes. David Campos was the one that tied the actions. It was a long cross in a free-kick at midfield, the ball went to the edge of the area, five men jumped for the ball, but it stayed inside the area, then a local player deflected the ball and David Campos was alone at the penalty box to cross Diego Rivas.

The strong wind, that was against Fabril in the second half, and the long passes were giving problems to the visitors; at minute 72 one of those long passes was close to be reached by Richi, but Diego Rivas was there to stop it. Then Luis Angel entered for Chirri. In the next play the wind affected Fabril again as Diego Rivas missed the ball in a corner-kick, but luckily nobody found it inside the area and was later cleared by Seoane.

At minute 78 Javier Zurbano, who had entered to the pitch ten minutes before, headed a cross at the box after a cross from the left, but Diego Rivas made the save. Ramallo got scared after that action and replaced striker Joshua with central defender Diego Vieytes, the reason of the change was precisely to put a personal mark over Zurbano. The final ten minutes were a torment for the players, the heavy rain and especially the strong wind made almost impossible to play the game. The final substitution at Fabril was the entry of Juan Carlos for Héctor, the presence of the playmaker brought fresh air to the attack of Deportivo B, but there was no time to search for the winning goal.

Import point taking in mind the weather conditions and the fact that Deportivo B was playing away from home, but at the same time the team of Ramallo lost a good chance to achieve the first away triumph on the season and increase the difference with the relegation zone. Now the team returns to Abegondo in order to face Universidad de Las Palmas CF, Canarian team that has only added one point away from home after three visits (Sunday, 12h00 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo: “It was a good point playing in a complicate pitch, against a solid team in defence and that dominates the aerial game. Besides, the weather was rude; it was a pity to not been able to defend the play of their goal, because we missed to be more focused on that play. Anyhow, the result is fair and I want to emphasize the level of competence of my players.”

Coruxo: (4-2-3-1) Jorge Pérez – Jacobo, David Campos, Costas, Marco – Richi, Antunes (Anton 72’) – Alberto García, Yago Yao (Josiño 59’), David Pérez – Besada (Zurbano 63’)
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Diego Rivas - Seoane, Ínsua, Rochela, Stopira – Héctor (Juan Carlos 85’), Dani – Dioni, Richi, Chirri (Luis Angel 73’) – Joshua (Vieytes 81’).
Goals:  0-1: (66’) Dioni, 1-1: (69’) David Campos.
Referee Pablo Fernández Pérez. He showed yellow card to Chirri (35’), David Pérez (44’), Dani (69’), Rochela (70’) and Richi (89’).
Venue: O Vao (1,500).
Other stats: Attempts to score (8 - 5), Corner-kicks (5 - 8), Fouls committed (15 - 16)




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