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09 Oct 2010
The most expected return for next Sunday is Daniel Aranzubia; the Basque keeper will debut on the season after his shoulder injury, but he doesn’t think that his simple comeback will change the dynamic of the team.

Dani Aranzubia will debut on the season against Osasuna; something that the fans are seeing as a sign of better times after a poor start in la liga, but the keeper is aware that his return will not necessarily change the picture of the current situation.

An idea that he expressed with calmness on Thursday in a press conference, “Anyone who thinks that everything will be solved as soon as I start playing is wrong. I don’t think our defenders will be more relaxed and confident with me. Nobody likes to be injured. So far I didn’t have long-term injuries, so I felt strange. I am eager to return and it seems that the day has arrived."

The Basque keeper was emphasizing that Depor needs to be strong at defence in order to overcome the current situation in la liga, “The defensive strength is the foundation of all teams, both to win the league and avoid relegation. Everything starts from there. In recent years we have conceded very few goals in set-pieces. I don’t know the reason for what is happening, it could be circumstantial, but when you allow goals in two straight games after a corner-kick, then we should be more vigilant. It is a warning and we must be alert in these kind of plays. "

At the same time, the ex-Athletic Bilbao keeper isn’t worried of the current position of Deportivo at the standings, “Feelings may not be very good, but this is not too alarming. Most of us have lived in much worse situations, as I at Athletic, including days in which we were playing for our life. I'm surprised to hear and listen to everything you say. This has only begun. It’s not beneficial to realize that some persons are already seeing us at Segunda or to see people pessimistic. "

Finally, and as other players did in past days, Aranzubia was defending the work of Lotina, who has been criticized for the poor results in this start of season, "I don’t know who has questioned the coach, but he has shown during these years that is able to carry away with this team; he has done a great job.”



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