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10 Oct 2010
Diego Colotto is willing to take Deportivo out of relegation, but at the same time he is saying that next game against Osasuna shouldn’t be considered as a final. The Argentine also showed his support to Lotina.

Like Aranzubia did the day before, the Argentine central defender was trying to be calmed analyzing the situation of Deportivo, starting with the fact of considering that the game with Osasuna isn’t a final, “We must be realistic, and beyond that, optimistic. I know that the team is at the last place, but in my head the only idea is to win our next game and end the matchday at the tenth or thirteenth place, and since that point to climb up some positions.”

“The game against Osasuna is important, very important, because it can mean a boost for us; let’s hope it will mean that jump that we need. A final? That’s an extreme idea. We just need to assume it as a very important game; a match in which we can’t miss the opportunity.” He added.

Later the ex-Atlas central defender was confirming the confidence that the players have on Lotina, ”The team is fine, we all support the coach, but we are facing a circumstance with the results that it isn’t what we expected; anyhow the squad is supporting the work done by the coach.”

Finally, Colotto said that he perceived a different mentality in the players during this week of trainings, though the squad is not complete due to the international compromises of some players, I have seen a change regarding to the compromise and the intensity of the work. It is true that we are missing some people, but the ones on here are willing to do the right things.”



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