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13 Oct 2010
One week after keeping silence, the coach of Deportivo talked to reporters; he said that no revolution in the lineup will be made against Osasuna, but confirmed the presence of Aranzubia. He also thanked the support of the fans during Tuesday.

On the past week coach Miguel Angel Lotina decided to keep silence after the humiliating 1-6 defeat at Real Madrid, now, for the present week, he decided to give two press conferences. The first one on Monday and the other on Tuesday; in both he talked of the present of the club and mainly of the coming match against Osasuna (Sunday, 17h00 CET)

On Monday the main thing was that the Basque man said that there won’t be a “revolution” at the starting eleven that will face Osasuna, “I am living a similar thing than Toshack; I am talking of making a lot of changes at the lineup. It’s too soon and first I want to see how the international players return. Surely we will see some changes, but don’t know yet how many.”

To explain that the words of Lotina are related to an old speech of John Benjamin Toshack when he was the coach of Real Madrid, “On Sunday, I was thinking in throwing the eleven players from the lineup. On Tuesday only eight. On Thursday I was thinking the guilty ones were only two or three. In the end the same eleven sons of a bit… were playing.

But what Lotina advanced is that Aranzubia is going to be a starter against the Navarrans, ”Clearly he is going to play. The team needs him. It isn’t because Manu has made a bad job, because actually he did a pretty nice work, but because Dani is a heavyweight at the changing room and his presence will bring some things to the squad.”

About the match with his former club Osasuna, he said that it isn’t a final for Deportivo, “I think the fight won’t be clarified on Sunday, no matter what happens, for them and neither for us. This is going to be a long struggle and some will survive, while others don’t. There are teams down there that will end the season calmed, other are right now calmed and later will end in the middle of the fight. It is an important match, because a victory will put a lot of teams down there and things will look different, but the only definitive thing is the work and the day-by-day sacrifice.”

He was also having a more “calmed” picture after the 1-6 debacle at the Bernabéu, “Truly a nice presentations means a boost for your self-esteem, but the reality can be seen after a 1-6. That clarity is the only positive thing we can extract from that match. We have enough squad to clinch the permanence, and right now we still can improve a lot of things.”

He also talked of the situation of Adrian, “You watched him at the national squad; it isn’t the same compared to when he plays with Depor. It’s another way to play, because Primera División is Primera División. At the national team he doesn’t have the same pressure, because he plays more relaxed.”

To finalize Monday’s training session, the Basque manager talked of the rumours appointing to the signing of a new striker, “Right now all our strength is focused in seeing the team improving its level. We [the coaches] aren’t involved in the issue of the signings. I don’t know the movements made by the club, but I understand that it is logical.”

And on Tuesday, the coach gave a new press conference, this time in order t to read a press release after feeling the support from the Riazor Blues during the training session.  “I just want to share with you an idea that I had after seeing the presence of our fans in today’s training session. I simply want to say that it shakes me, and I talk in the name of all in order to express to our fans that we are thanking their love and support, this no matter the start of season wasn’t the one that we wanted. Things didn’t work, but it wasn’t because we didn’t try; I just can guarantee you that everybody at Depor is with the batteries charged in the attempt to surpass the present situation, which is  worrying, but not alarming. I sincerely think that we have enough squad for something more and I'm sure that the good results will arrive. “ He said.

“Today, it called our attention that the fans were showing a signboard with the slogan ‘union & compromise’, just two words, but that resume better than any other phrase which should be our attitude at this point: union and compromise. For me these are the keys that will allow us to follow the lane to find our game. If we, together, are able to find these two concepts, then we will carry away with this situation and even with a stronger energy than before. Many thanks to all.” Lotina ended.



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