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15 Oct 2010
President Lendoiro wanted to show in public his confidence in the team and in Lotina; he decided to give a radio interview and talked of Deportivo’s present.

On Tuesday’s night, president Augusto César Lendoiro gave an interview to Radio Cadena Ser; journalist José Ramón de la Morena talked to Depor’s boss and analyzed the present of the team in la liga competition.

The president wanted to avoid the drama as Depor is the current last place at the Spanish league, "When the going gets rough, the rough get going. And when is raining, the umbrella. Neither is catastrophic. I would say the start in liga wasn’t good, which means poor. We have faced Real Madrid, Sevilla and Villarreal, and we haven’t been brilliant. We have showed a level below our possibilities. We were expecting to have more points; certainly we can’t say that 'nothing is happening on here’. Things are happening indeed and are not the most positive ones, but it isn’t to be tearing our hair out. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about the situation. Anyway I think that we have enough team to be in another position. "

The journalist suggested that the high expectations had at the start of the season are causing the present disappointment, and the response of Depor’s boss was, "We know what we were and what we are now. We can’t have different yardsticks. We have had an important decrease from the Champions League to the no-Champions League area, so it caused economic problems that we’re solving, but things take time. It’s much more serious to go down from the Champions League to the no-Champions zone, worse than descending from Primera to Segunda. We have had to assume it, in a small town with few economic resources towards Deportivo, which are zero or above zero. “

"If there are thirteen or fourteen teams at the Spanish league, who think they are in no risk of relegation, then they are inconsistent and people who are not facing the reality. There is regularity among a series of teams that makes real the possibility of the relegation at any moment, and there is a difference between them. I believe that Deportivo isn’t the most endangered team, but is inside that area. "

Later Lendoiro was thanking the support shown by the Riazor Blues during the week, “"Traditionally, the relationship of the Riazor Blues with the players of Deportivo has been exceptional, because they have always been supporting... they made possible to see Deportivo where it is. They are the ones who carry with the weight of the Riazor and the ones who are always encouraging. "

Finally, the president joked of the current situation of Adrian, striker that scored with Spain, but not with Deportivo, “Adrian is struggling to score, but he just scored twice with the Spanish team. Let’s hope he will add some goals on Sunday with Depor, because we are also Spanish."



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