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21 Oct 2010
Depor’s coach confirmed that he isn’t planning to make changes ahead of the visit to Real Sociedad; he also talked of his return to the city where he suffered his only relegation at Primera División.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina gave his usual press conference at the start of the week, and confirmed that his idea for the game at Anoeta is to use the same squad that faced Osasuna, “We still have to see the trainings, but for now the plan is to use the same squad with only one modification [Lopo, who is suspended].”

"That's a bit of my concern, to obtain the best from the resources of the team and that means to keep the same intensity of the last game; it shouldn’t end with what we saw on Sunday, because that fact will make us competitive. Against Osasuna we could have lost or won. If we are competitive there will be games in which we will lose, but in many we will win, so that's fundamental. It is the fact in which we should insist." He added.

Later the Basque manager admitted that his idea was to copy the game of Barcelona, but that it hadn’t worked, “We wanted to play, relatively speaking, with a tactical draw like Barcelona, and we realized that we can’t do it, because we were a team without much sauce, and must be rectified. I like the team playing football, but above all I want to win. We weren’t creating scoring opportunities and were fragile defensively... We can’t go to the Bernabéu and just commit five fouls. I think one thing was connected to the other and we have rectified. In the end football is small facts, if the header of Lopo against Sevilla would have entered or if we would have won against Getafe, then we would be talking about something else... but what’s happening to us could have occurred last year.”

Lotina was also celebrating the return of Riki and Valerón, duo that’s already working in the trainings, “Riki is going to take pressure off from Adrian and Lassad. He can play with either of them or with Valerón, because he is good to avoid the marks, besides who has the best peripheral vision is Valerón. We have no player of 15-18 goals, with time maybe Adrian will be, when he grows up. But if we continue creating the same scoring opportunities of the other day, then the goals will come for sure, because we have good players. The difficult thing is to stick with that intensity. "

Once again Depor’s coach said that he is not alarmed by the current situation of the team, despite been in relegation and suffering the worst start in decades, "My mother used to say that 'God squeezes but does not drown you." Well, he is pushing hard this year, but we have not drowned, not yet."

A forced topic for the occasion is the return of Lotina to San Sebastian, place where Lotina lived a tough period with the relegation of Real Sociedad, "I haven’t returned since I left; I was feeling screwed in San Sebastian. I arrived with the idea of staying a few years and went down. It is a serious club, one that works very well, and that is a champion of Primera, just like Deportivo. They spent three years at Segunda and now everything is optimism, they have realized how important it is to have a team at Primera. They came very stronger from the crisis, but the relegation really affected me in a personal level, because it meant to fail to who signed me and to the fans. "

"People will be divided with my arrival, some will be insulting me and my father, while others... I have a special affection for the city as I was respected there, but I left a wound, because people wanted me to continue and I didn’t want to stay at Segunda. There will be people who will whistle me, because they remember that fact and others don’t, because they will respect me. It is an example as a club, they are well advanced.” He finalized.



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