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18 Apr 2006
One of the most successful policies applied by Lendoiro are the signing of players coming from teams relegated to Segunda, he seems to be returning to this old recipe since several players from M??laga have been linked with Depor during the last days. Depor’s president is also negotiating the incorporation of the Argentinean winger Belluschi.

The name of Juan Rodr?­guez was the first name mentioned in the media, apparently Depor's president already has an agreement with him, the Andalucian player would come in a free-transfer and could be the replacement to the possible exit of Aldo Duscher. Sportpaper AS even wrote that Rodr?­guez signed the precontract in February, a deal that consists in a five-year agreement with a salary of €600,000 per season.

But there are other options. Newspaper Sur Digital wrote yesterday that Lendoiro has maintained several meetings with M??laga's officials and also with the players' agents in order to negotiate some incorporations. The names mentioned by Sur Digital are Duda (winger), Alexis (defender), Calatayud (goalkeeper), B??vio (midfielder), Gabriel (defender) and Man?? S??nchez (midfielder).

This multi-negotiation could end in a important migration from M??laga to La Coru?±a. The most difficult case seems to be Duda, the Portuguese winger ends his contract in June and its known that Lendoiro is a big fan of him, but the media in Sevilla has been reporting that the incorporation to Juande Ramos' squad is already a fact. The rest of names end their contract in June or as it Sur Digital writes, involves transfers that in any case means less than €3 million.

One of the reasons that explains this situation with M??laga is that the Andalucian club didn’t sign the friendly agreement with the rest of Primera clubs. This agreement outlines which teams are obligated to pay a fed in relation to the �formation rights� when they sign a player on a free-transfer from any other club that has signed the partition. Barcelona and M??laga are the only clubs that didn’t participated in the agreement.

Lendoiro is also trying to obtain results in the South American market, in this sense reported yesterday that Juan Carlos Ver??n, an ex-Depor player has arrived to La Coru?±a in order to negotiate with Lendoiro the possible incorporation of Fernando Belluschi. The rights of the Argentinean winger are owned by Newell's Old Boys and Boca Juniors, the agreement between this two teams involves a clause in which is established that if Belluschi isn't transferred before June, he will belong entirely to Boca Juniors, for that reason Newell's is interested in selling the player now.

Ver??n admitted in a conversation maintained with newspaper El Ideal Gallego, that the main reason of his arrival to La Coru?±a is to negotiate with Lendoiro the transfer of Belluschi, it has been reported also that the meeting occurred last night, but there aren't details at this point about the current state of the negotiations.

Other name that has appeared in the headlines is Ukechukwu Uche. In Huelva it has been reported once again that the Nigerian striker wants to come to Deportivo and that a precontract has already been signed. But the main obstacle continues to be the agreement with Recreativo, last season the transfer was blocked because the club's officials were asking €17 million for him (his buyout clause), now it seems that a €4 million payment would secure the deal.

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