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23 Oct 2010
Seven matches played in la liga and eleven injury cases, eight of them were muscular problems, the major part sustained during the trainings. That’s the alarming resume of Depor on the season. For the moment Depor’s physical coach defends his work.

Deportivo is living a delicate moment on the liga season with no victories achieved after seven matchdays and the injuries are contributing to the crisis, because since the pre-season the squad has suffered eleven injury cases that forced the players to miss at least one game, and eight of those eleven cases were related to muscular problems.

The last one was Antonio Tomás, the midfielder fell down injured on Thursday and the last scans determined that it’s only a muscular elongation on the quadriceps muscle of his right thigh, however the problem will force him to stop for a couple of weeks, which means that the ex-Racing man will miss the games against Real Sociedad, Osasuna and probably against RCD Espanyol.

At the moment of suffering the injury the Cantabrian was making shots on target during the training session, he later explained to reporters what he felt, “I felt a prick on my right leg. It was strong, but lesser that in the other three opportunities.” When Antonio talks of ‘other three opportunities’ he is referring to the other three muscular injuries that he suffered during the season 2008/09, that’s another problem affecting the team: the relapses.

Previous to this case, Deportivo was already carrying with other seven muscular injuries, the first one was midfielder Juan Dominguez, who sustained a tear in a muscle of his right thigh on August 20, during a training before the friendly with SS Lazio. The second was striker Riki, who suffered a Soleus problem during the ten minutes that he spent on the pitch for the game against Getafe (September 20), later the problem got worse as it was confirmed that the attacker had a grade two muscular injury.

On that same day Pablo Álvarez suffered an adductor problem (muscle elongation) during the training session before the game with the Madrilenians. Then playmaker Juan Carlos Valerón sustained a thigh injury during the training session had on September 30, just when the team was making the last preparations before the visit to Real Madrid, further scans determined that the Canarian suffered a tear in a muscle of his right thigh. And during the game at the Bernabéu central defender Zé Castro was forced to leave the pitch due to a hamstring muscle injury.

The seventh case was midfielder Juca, the Brazilian suffered a muscle injury on his right thigh during the training session had on October 12, on that same day winger Andrés Guardado sustained a hamstring strain injury when he was training with Mexico’s national team. Off course these eight injury cases related to muscular problems are pointing to Eduardo Dominguez, the physical trainer of the club, who has been criticized by the media.

On Friday he was defending his work; he gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained that the players make preemptive exercises before starting the training sessions, "It is a work of prevention as part of the warming up. They reinforce aspects related to the quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, abductors, knee ligaments, ankle ligaments...”

Questioned about the reason why the team is suffering so many muscular injuries, Dominguez responded that, "As a professional I am concerned, because the team is losing resources and it suffers for this reason. And I feel sorry for the players. Every injury is more painful for me than for them. But on the methodology and design of the work I have no doubts, because I've been doing this for many years. There are players who are more prone to suffer an injury, it’s like the case of a person prone to catch colds or the one that is healthy and is more prone to pick up a cancerous tumor.”

"These injuries are usually suffered by the same group of players, who are candidates to this due to their morphological characteristics, y their typology and their muscle quality, so they are more prone to suffer muscular injuries. I am worry about the player, because he stops training and doesn’t compete, and the one that suffers in the end is the team and the coach, because he loses field players. But I have very clear that my methodology is the correct thing to do. The psychological factor may also be crucial for an injury. But I don’t think that is our case. Although the situation is compromised, and some may be feeling anxious in the inside, I don’t think that the situation is creating so much anxiety to be reaching a point in which an injury is created.” He added.

The other three injury cases had since the pre-season and that aren’t related to muscular problems are the ones of keeper Daniel Aranzubia (shoulder), winger Jonathan Urreta (ankle sprain) and playmaker Michel (knee ligaments). No matter the reason why, the only thing for sure is that all these cases are affecting the plans of Miguel Angel Lotina, coach that’s having problems to build up lineups for the games.



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