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28 Oct 2010
A sleepless Lotina is aware that this could be one of his last games at Deportivo; meanwhile Camacho was warning of a possible reaction by Deportivo.

Josť Antonio Camacho is a former player of Real Madrid that won several trophies in his career, including nine ligas. He retired after the season 1988/89 and began to work as the coach of Rayo Vallecano, club that he promoted to Primera Divisiůn. Then he worked for RCD Espanyol in two different stages and also with Sevilla FC, later he was the national coach of Spain during the UEFA EURO 2000. This last experience was a disaster, after it he became the coach of Benfica in Portugal. In October of 2008 the Murcian manager was signed as the replacement of Josť Ńngel Ziganda at Osasuna as this last one was fired after just six matchdays.

This is the fifth meeting before Camacho and Miguel Angel Lotina, but is the first one playing for Copa Del Rey. Osasunaís coach has never reached the final rounds of the competition as a coach, but in the past he clinched four titles as a player (1975, 1980, 1982 & 1989); meanwhile Deporís manager conquered the trophy in 2006 with RCD Espanyol.

Deporís coach gave a press conference on Wednesday; he spent the whole time talking of his possible exit from Deportivo due to the poor results, and he even confessed that, "I've been able to sleep eight hours after many days. I had spent two nights without sleeping for a minute; it was too much for me and I had to ask for help to the doctors at the club, and I never did that before. Do not worry, there are many people who take pills for the stress and diseases, and my only concern is football, while other people have real problems... "

Later he was admitting that his job is in danger if he doesnít defeat Espanyol on Sunday, "I think so, because many people are calling me, friends that donít call me since a while and they were encouraging me, then I think I'm on a tightrope. No one has said anything, but all those messages and calls are warning me; it means that they are hearing things that I am not hearing or reading. So I think Sunday's game may be important for my future. "

"Lendoiro will do what he has to do, and if he sees that the best is to bring another coach it is because he analyzed the things and will do the best for Deportivo. We have good relationship, professionally we are having a good understanding, still he has to defend the club, will do it with all the consequences and I will understand it. If he fires Lotina it wonít be because the changing room or the president are upset with the coach, but for the current situation at the standings.  To the fans I canít ask for anything more, and I've asked enough over the years, it's time to give them something. I have no face to look at the screen and ask anything. I have a feeling that in all these years they have given me much more than I have given. " He added.

Despite everything, Lotina was still saying that the team has enough time to change the situation, "Talking of the numbers I have little to say of the poor marks since the second round of last year. As people say, I know I play for a lot in these games, but I am convinced that we will move forward with this. If I have to assume something that I donít like it will be for the good of Deportivo and for the good of Lotina, there is an ill wind that blows no good. Life goes on, fortunately, and therefore I should not be overwhelmed. We all hate to fail in a job, but you have to get up and continue. This is life and we should not make a drama. It annoys me for the fans, because I feel than I'm failing. "

He was also defending the fact that the team still united, "The changing room is not fractured, and it's not good to spread rumours, because then the coach leaves and the fracture continues, and that's a lie, the squad is united. To think that there are players who selfishly believe that if another coach comes they will play more is human and I understand it, but the idea of a fracture inside the team is simply a lie. I would ask you to not talk of that, because that's not going against me, because maybe I wonít be here, but the coach arriving will have to face with that a fracture, and canít face something that it isnít true. In San Sebastian there were several players who came and asked me to not go, because they were thinking we could save the team. Others donít talk, and I also thought that if I leave maybe they will be having more chances, but the idea that they are praying for my exit is not true. I have it clear, because I have always respected the players. Speaking of something that is not true it just means to be harming the club. "

Finally, he talked of the return to the system of three central defenders and to what to expect from Sundayís game with his former club Espanyol, ďThe change in the system is because we believe that it can help us to improve, and Aythami can contribute much in that position. We are still fragile at the back and we arenít scoring goals. But on defense we have gave too many facilities and the rivals are easily scoring goals. I know what I'll do against Espanyol, but I'm not going to say anything, I prefer not to give clues, but of course I know how we will play on Sunday."

Osasunaís coach gave a press conference on Wednesday; he confirmed that several changes will be made at the starting eleven, and also that he will pick two players from Osasuna B: Nacho Zabal and Annunziata. Later he showed his confidence in his men, "Either of the ones that will play can also perform in liga. Nobody can guarantee that the ones playing will score more goals or will play better or worse. Last year people asked for a team, I put that team on the pitch, and then Racing scored three goals against us."

He was also despising the fact that Deportivo hasnít won yet any liga game, "This competition is different; Depor knows that still have to play the returning leg and the most important thing in this kind of series is to be strong at defense. If you miss that fact then you will live a bad moment on the pitch, and itís difficult to have it in this kind of games. Maybe they're overwhelmed, but a lot of games still ahead and they have a good team."

"Right now the tie is at fifty percent for each side. It is always important to win, and off course scoring a lot of goals, but the important thing is not to allow any goal. The differences are minimal and the most important thing is the mentality. We've seen a team that was in top form (Real Madrid) failing against a team from Segunda B.Ē He added.

As he did during the whole press conference, Camacho insisted that his team needs to be strong in defense, "The most important thing is to have tension at defense. In liga we are a hard team in defense and we should be like that in Copa. We have to approach the game knowing that there is a returning leg. "



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