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05 Nov 2010
Rubén Pérez is the Depor’s player with more minutes on the liga season, a surprising stat taking in mind that he’s a 21-year-old rookie that only joined the club during the summer. And it’s that he is the preferred midfielder of Lotina.

On this season Deportivo was the first Primera club that used all the inscribed players in la liga during at least one match, it happened one week ago as Juan Dominguez replaced Rochela during the 0-3 loss at Real Sociedad. This fact demonstrates the large list of changes that coach Miguel Angel Lotina has been forced to make due to the poor results and mainly for the injuries that have been affecting his squad.

But in all this changing environment there’s something that has stayed the same: the presence of Ruben Pérez Del Mármol on the starting formations. The Écija-born midfielder joined the club during the summer coming loaned from Atletico Madrid and has only missed one liga game so far, it was in the opening day against Real Zaragoza as he had a muscular problem.

Since then he has participated as starter in all the eight matches disputed in liga and even in the Copa first-leg game against Osasuna; also to mention that he was replaced just once: matchday 02 at Sevilla FC (replaced by Juca at minute 78). For that reason Rubén is currently the Depor’s player with more minutes on the season (708). He has more minutes than veterans like Lopo (675), Colotto (671), Juan Rodriguez (651), Manuel Pablo (540) and Valerón (131).

It is an interesting statistic, not only taking in mind that the Galician  team already played the fourth part of the liga matches, but also because Rubén is only a 21-year-rookie that disputed his first game at Primera División at the end of the past season with Atlético Madrid (May 15, against Getafe).

The reason why Ruben Pérez is now the preferred midfielder of Lotina is because of his mixed facet to perform in offensive and defensive tasks, a fact demonstrated by the statistics; and it’s that the Andalusian is the second Depor’s player with mores steals (59) and passes intercepted (25) during this liga season; besides, he and Juan Rodriguez are the pivotes with more attempts to score (7) and shots on target (4).

Another interesting statistics is related to the fouls committed against Ruben, so far he has been fouled in 24 opportunities, which means one foul received every 29.5 minutes, that’s the seventh highest mark at Primera División, even above the ones of stars like Messi, Iniesta and Cristiano Ronaldo , as a way of comparison Ronaldo has been fouled in 21 opportunities for an average of one foul every 38.6 minutes.

The numbers demonstrate that Rubén can switch between been a defensive midfielder focused in stopping the offensive moves of the rivals and been a support for Depor’s attackers, an option that Lotina didn’t have on the past season with Juan Rodriguez, Juca and Antonio Tomás.  Enough reasons to explain why Lotina is relying so much on him. And on Sunday he will face the last Depor’s midfielder that represented this kind of figure: Sergio González, who is now at Levante.



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